Maddox Etc. DNA Project Mission...

  • Confirm relationship with a specific ancestor where we have only circumstantial evidence.
    • Share data to builder stronger case for accurate genealogy research.
    • Maintain data uncovered for future generations.
  • Compare our surname with those in other states/provinces or countries where we believe but have no documentary proof our earliest-known ancestor was born.
  • Determine whether our line is all European, or mixed with Native American, or  Native Australian, etc. 

For example, the Maddox surname is common among  Melungeons who were usually Spanish or Portugese who arrived in North America in the 1500s and intermarried with native Americans. Another example is the red-headed Indians found at the head of the Missouri River on the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805. Our genealogy data thus far traces us back to the British Isles, and even France.  But our DNA tests show that in the ancient past, all Maddoxes of all spellings are of either Nordic (Viking) blood or central European.  Independent studies have indicated many of the British Isles are Nordic. The Vikings invaded the British Isles and many stayed and intermarried. Will our Maddox DNA tests continue to show only Nordic and central European origins (haplotype)