b. 1574


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John of Chester, Cheshire Co., Eng, was ancestor of Joseph Maddock, founder of Quaker Wrightsboro Colony in GA, 1769

I am grateful to this English researcher who included actual ancient document transcriptions on her website.


See also the story of Joseph and his quest that ended in establishing Wrightsboro Colony on this website under “Famous Maddoxes.”


On this website under “Origins-English ~ Cheshire,” the first-known Madoc was b. there c.1230, and had a son Madoc.  Another was Madoc de Carpenter, son of Richard, who was Sheriff of Chester with the same power as the mayor. 

Madoc was a common name in Cheshire County, and several have been found born in that century and later.




Generation 1



b.         1574 Cheshire, ENG

m.        1st 1607 Ellen Harryson, Cheshire Co., ENG

d.         1639 Cheshire, ENG




A1       William Maddock, bap. 1608 Cheshire Co., ENG


m.        2nd 1609 Jane Broster


A2       Thomas Maddock, bap. 1611 Cheshire Co., ENG, dy?

A3       John Maddock, bap 1612 Cheshire Co., ENG

A4       Margreta Maddock, bap. 1614 Cheshire Co., ENG

A5       Edward Maddock, bap. 1618 Cheshire Co., ENG, dy?

A5       THOMAS MADDOCK, bap. 1620 (see B below)

A6       Edward Maddock, bap. 1623 Cheshire Co., ENG


m.        3rd 1622 Margret Lee  


A7       Hugh Maddock, bap. 1623 Cheshire Co., ENG

A8       Robert Maddock, bap. 1626 Cheshire Co., ENG

A9       Infant Maddock, bap. 1627 Cheshire Co., ENG

A10     Jonathan Maddocke, bap. 1629 Cheshire Co., ENG

A11     Thomas Maddocke, bap. 1632 Cheshire Co., ENG

A12     Charles Maddocke, bap. 1633 Cheshire Co., ENG


Generation 2


B         THOMAS MADDOCK (same as A5 above)2

b.         1619 Cheshire Co., ENG

m.        1641 Elisabeth Simcock, Cheshire Co., ENG

d.         1690 Cheshire Co., ENG




B1       NATHAN MADDOCK b. 1642 (see C below)

B2        Henry Maddock, b.c. 1644 Cheshire Co., ENG

B3        Joseph Maddock, b.c. 1646 Cheshire Co., ENG

B4        Sarah Maddock, b.c. 1647 Cheshire Co., ENG

B5        Daniel Maddock, b.c. 1649 Cheshire Co., ENG


Generation 3


C         NATHAN MADDOCK (same as B1 above)3

b.         1642 Cheshire Co., ENG

m.        c. 1660 Alice Nicholls, Cheshire Co., ENG

d.         1680 Cheshire Co., ENG




C1       Nathan Maddock, b. 1660 Cheshire Co., ENG

C2       Esther Maddock, b. 1661 Cheshire Co., ENG

C3       Deborah Maddock, b. 1664 Cheshire Co., ENG

C4       ABEL MADDOCK, b.c.1667 (see D below)

C5       Rachel Maddock, b. 1670 Cheshire Co., ENG

C6       Mordecai Maddock, b. 1672 Cheshire Co., ENG

C7       Hezekiah Maddock, b. 1673 Cheshire Co., ENG

C8       Alice Maddock, b. 1675 Cheshire Co., ENG

C9       Caleb Maddock, b. 1677 Cheshire Co., ENG


Generation 4


D         ABEL MADDOCK (same as C4 above)4

b.         c. 1667 Cheshire Co., ENG

m.        c. 1690 Alice ____

d.         c. 1703 prob. Cheshire Co., ENG




D1       NATHAN MADDOCK, b. 1691

D2       Mary Maddock, b. 1693 Cheshire Co., ENG

D3       Joseph Maddock, b. 1695 Cheshire Co., ENG

D4       Benjamin Maddock, b. 1699 Cheshire Co., ENG

D5       Peter Maddock, b. 1702 Cheshire Co., ENG


Generation 5


E          NATHAN MADDOCK (same as D1 above)5

b.         1691 Cheshire Co., ENG

m.        c. 1719 Hester _____, prob. New Castle Co., DE

d.         Aft. 1735 prob. Chester/Delaware Co., PA




E1        JOSEPH MADDOCK, b. 1720 (see F below)


Generation 6


F          JOSEPH MADDOCK (same as E1 above)6

b.         1720 New Castle Co., DE

m.        1739 Rachel Dennis, Camden Co., NJ

d.         1794 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA




F1        Hannah Maddock, b.c. 1739 Chester Co., PA

F2        Deborah Maddock, b.c. 1740 Chester Co., PA, m. 1757 Thomas Stubbs. Orange/Almanace Co., NC

F3        Mary Maddock, b.c. 1742 Chester Co., PA

F4        Esther Maddock, b.c. 1746 Chester Co., PA

F5        SAMUEL MADDOCK, b.c. 1748 (see G below)

F6        Joseph Maddock, b.c. 1750 (see GG below)

F7        Benjamin Maddock, b.c. 1753 Chester Co., PA


Generation 7


G         SAMUEL MADDOCK (same as F5 above)

b.         c. 1748 Chester Co., PA

m.        1774 Rachel Jones, Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

d.         1814 Preble Co., OH




G1       Sarah Maddock, b. 1774 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

G2       Joseph Maddock, b. 1775 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

G3       Deborah Maddock, b. 1777 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

G4       Nathan Maddock, b. 1778 (see H below)

G5       FRANCIS MADDOCK, b. 1779 (see HH below)

G6       Hannah Maddock, b. 1781 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

G7       John Maddock, b. 1784 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA


GG      Joseph Maddock (same as F6 above)

b.         c. 1750 Chester Co., PA

m.        1784 Rebecca Hinshaw Warren/McDuffie Co., GA





GG1    William Maddock, b. 1785 (see HHH below)

GG2     Joseph Maddock, b.c. 1787 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

GG3     Isaiah Maddock, b.c. 1789 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

GG4     Benjamin Maddock, b.c. 1791 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

GG5     Henry Maddock, b.c. 1793 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA


Generation 8


H         Nathan Maddock (same as G4 above)

b.         1778 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

m.        1st c. 1810 Sarah Fouts, OH

d.         1864 Preble Co., OH




H1       Joseph Maddock, b. 1811 Preble Co., OH

H2       John Maddock, b. 1812 Preble Co, OH

H3       Henry Maddock, b. 1813 Preble Co., OH

H4       Rachel Maddock, b. 1814 Preble Co., OH


m.        2nd 1817 Martha Miller, Preble Co., OH


H5       Samuel Maddock, b. 1818 Preble Co., OH


HH      FRANCIS MADDOCK (same as G5 above)

b.         1779 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

m.        1806 Phebe Cook, Preble Co., OH

d.         1884 Preble Co., OH




HH1     Samuel Maddock, b. 1808 Preble Co., OH

HH2     Joseph Maddock, b. 1811 Preble Co., OH

HH3    ELI MADDOCK, b. 1813 (see I below)

HH4     Martha Maddock, b. 1816 Preble Co., OH

HH5     Rachel Maddock, b. 1820 Preble Co., OH

HH6     Mary Maddock, b. 1821 Preble Co., OH

HH7     Francis Maddock, b. 1831 Preble Co., OH


HHH   William Maddock (same as GG1 above)

b.         1785 Warren/McDuffie Co., GA

m.        1st 1812 Hannah Stubbs, Preble Co., OH

m.        2nd c. 1834 Sarah Huffman, OH

d.         1878 Edgar Co., IL




HHH1  Elijah Maddock, b. 1813 Preble Co., OH

HHH2  Nathan Maddock, b. 1815 Preble Co., OH

HHH3  Joseph Maddock, b. 1817 Preble Co., OH

HHH4  Elizabeth Maddock, b. 1819 Preble Co., OH

HHH5  Mary Ann Maddock, b.  1822 Preble Co., OH


Generation 9


I           ELI MADDOCK (same as HH3 above)9

b.         1813 Preble Co., OH

m.        1835 Absillit Woodard, Wayne Co., IN

d.         1870 Champaign Co., IL


I-1       David Maddock, b. 1836 Preble Co., OH, m. 1861 Jane Mills, Vermilion Co., IL, d. 1909 Champaign Co., IL

I-2       Jane Maddock, b. 1838 Preble Co., OH, m. ___ Snedeker, d. 1915 Miami Co., IL

I-3       Josiah W. Maddock, b. 1840 Preble Co., OH, d. 1864 Andersonville, GA

I-4       Sarah Maddock, b. 1843 Preble Co., OH, m. John E. Woodard

I-5       JAMES CLETUS MADDOCK, b. 1846 (see J below)

I-6       Son Maddock, b. 1850 Preble Co., OH, d.c. 1850 Preble Co., OH

I-7       Rachel Maddock, b. 1852 Wayne Co., IN, m. Benjamin F. Hill


Generation 10


J          JAMES CLETUS MADDOCK (same as I-5 above)10

b.         1846 Preble Co., OH

m.        1873 Ella M. Timberlake, Champaign Co., IL

d.         1913 Wabash Co., IN




J1         Lineaus E. Maddock, b. 1873 Champaign Co., IL, d. 1947 Pulaski, IN

J2         Nellie May Maddock, b. 1875 Champaign Co., IL, d. 1893 Champaign Co., IL

J3         Charles Byron Maddock, b. 1877 Champaign Co., IL, d. 1901 Marshall Co.

J4         Ethyl Maddock, b. 1878 Champaign Co., IL, d. 1878 Champaign Co., IL

J5         Alonzo J. Maddock, b. 1879 Champaign Co., IL, d. 1945 Howard Co., IN

J6        HARRY LEE MADDOCK, b. 1882 (see K below)

J7         James Logan Maddock, b. 1884 Champaign co., IL; d. 1920 Dickey Co., ND

J8         Francis Kenton Maddox, b. 1895 Howard Co., IN, m. Lucy P. turner, d. 1967 Fremont Co., WY


Generation 11


K         HARRY LEE MADDOCK (same as J6 above)11

b.         1882 Champaign Co., IL

m.        1907 Eliza M. Young, Howard Co., IN

d.         1968 Tippecanoe Co., IN




K1       Theta Marie Maddock, b. 1907 Howard Co., IN

K2       Wilber Maddock, b. 1910 Dickey Co., ND

K3       Georgia Rae Maddock, b. 1912 Dickey Co., ND

K4       James Donald Maddock, b. 1914 Dickey Co., ND

K5       KENTON PAUL MADDOCK, b. 1916 Dickey Co., ND, m. 1935 Howard Co., IN, d. 2001 Howard Co., IN

K6       Kenneth Byron Maddock, b. 1916 Dickey Co., ND

K7       Logan Wayne Maddock, b. 1921 Dickey Co., ND

K8       Vivian Maddock, b.c. 1923 Dickey Co., ND




1Paternity Documentation John to Thomas:  Baptismal records, St. John the Baptist Church, Tarvin Parish, Cheshire Co., Eng. and will of John 1639.

2Paternity Documentation Thomas to Nathan:  Baptismal records, St. John the Baptist Church, Tarvin Parish, Cheshire Co., Eng.  Frandley Monthly Meeting Minutes, Cheshire Co., Eng

3Paternity Documentation Nathan to Abel:   Frandley Quaker Monthly Meeting Minutes, Cheshire Co., Eng.  Will of mother Alice Nicholls Maddock

4Paternity Documentation Abel to Nathan:  Poll Tax of 1694, Chester, Cheshire Co., Eng.  Frandley Quaker Monthly Meeting Minutes, Cheshire Co., Eng.

5Paternity Documentation Nathan to Joseph:  New Garden Quaker Monthly Minutes, Delaware/Chester Co., PA

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7Paternity Documentation Samuel to Francis:  Wrightsborough Quaker Monthly Meeting Minutes, Wrightsborough, GA

8Paternity Documentation Francis to Eli:  Elk Quaker Monthly Meeting Minutes, West Elkton, Preble Co., OH

9Paternity Documentation Eli to James Cletus:  1850 census Howard Co., IN

10Paternity Documentation James Cletus to Harry Lee:  1900 census Howard Co., IN

11Paternity Documentation Harry Lee to Kenton Paul:  1920 & 1930 census Dickey Co., ND




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