b.c. 1615 ENG


(DNA Kit 10794)


Through descendant William Maddox b. 1804 KY

and with speculated father, Thomas b.c. 1585


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See also story on this website of Edward Maddock's lawsuit in 1681



Generation 1



b. c. 1585 prob. ENG


d. 1623 Jamestown, Virginia Colony, England




A1 Rice Maddocks, b.c. 1611 ENG, .c. 1635 Ann Sandys, VA, d. aft. 1667 York Co., VA

A2 Alexander Maddocks, b. 1613 Eng, m. 1st c.1640 Elizabeth __, VA, m. 2nd 1654 Eleanor White, Northampton Co., VA, d. 1658 Northampton Co., VA (see also his pedigree chart on this DNA website)

A3 EDWARD MADDOCKS (see B below)


Generation 2


B EDWARD MADDOCKS (same as A3 above) -2

b. c. 1615 ENG

m. c. 1640 Charles City Co., VA

d. Aft. 1675 Charles Co., MD






Generation 3


C CORNELIUS MADDOCKS (same as B1 above) -3

b. c. 1660 Charles City Co., VA

m. 1683 Mary Smallwood, Charles Co., MD

d. 1704 Charles Co., MD




C1 Elizabeth Maddocks, b.c. 1684 Charles Co., MD

C2 JAMES MADDOCKS, b. 1686 (see D below)

C3 John Maddocks, b. 1687 Charles Co., MD

C4 Phoebe Maddocks, b.c. 1689 Charles Co., MD

C5 Edward Maddocks, b. 1691 Charles Co., MD, m.c. 1720 Jane Speake, Charles Co., MD, d. 1771 Charles Co., MD

C6 Benjamin Maddocks, b. 1693 Charles Co., MD, m. Frances Posey, Charles Co., MD, d. 1770 Charles Co., MD

C7 Walter Maddocks, b.c. 1700 Charles Co., MD


Generation 4


D JAMES MADDOCKS (same as C2 above) -4

b. 1686 Charles Co., MD

m. c. 1710 Mary __

d. 1735 Charles Co., MD




D1 NOTLEY MADDOCKS, b. 1712 (see E below)

D2 Elizabeth Maddocks, b.c. 1714 Charles Co., MD

D3 Walter Maddox, b.c. 1716 Charles Co., MD

D4 Unnamed Son One, b.c. 1718 Charles Co., MD

D5 Unnamed Son Two, b.c. 1720 Charles Co., MD


Generation 5


E NOTLEY MADDOCKS (same as D1 above) -5

b. c. 1712 Charles Co., MD

m. 1737 Elizabeth Martin, Charles Co., MD

d. 1786 Charles co., MD




E1 Notley Maddox, b. 1738 Charles Co., MD, m. Violetta Boswell?, d. 1801 Mason Co., KY?

E2 James Maddox, b.c. 1740 Charles Co., MD, m. Sarah Townley, d. Goochland Co., VA

E3 Henry Maddox, b.c. 1742 Charles Co., MD, m. Mary Cox

E4 GEORGE MADDOX, b.c. 1745 (see F below)


Generation 6


F GEORGE MADDOX (same as E4 above) -6

b. c. 1742 Charles Co., MD

m. c. 1767 ___ Tapley?

d. c. 1800 Fauquier Co., VA




F1 JOHN MADDOX, b.c. 1768 (see G below)

F2 George B. Maddox, b.c. 1770 Charles Co., MD, m. 1st 1795 Judith Neale, Fauquier co., VA, 2nd 1818 Sally Green, Fleming Co., KY, d. 1838 Mason Co., KY (see his pedigree chart on this DNa site)

F3 Tapley? Maddox, b.c. 1772 Fauquier Co., VA

F4 Others unknown from Fauquier Co., VA


Generation 7


G JOHN MADDOX (same as F1 above) -7

b. c. 1768 Charles Co., MD

m. c. 1789 Elizabeth L. ___ VA

d. 1824 Lewis Co., KY




G1 John Maddox, b.c. 1793 Fauquier Co., VA

G2 George Maddox, b. 1795 Fauquier Co., VA (see his pedigree chart on this DNA website)

G3 Benjamin Maddox, b. 1797 Fauquier Co., VA, m. 1819 Nancy O'Neal, Lewis Co., KY, d. 1863 Douglas co., IL (see his pedigree chart on this DNA site)

G4 Thomas Maddox, b.c. 1801 Fleming Co., KY, m. 1st c.1825 Malinda O'Neal, KY, 2nd 1872 Catherine Davis, Edgar co., IL, d. 1884 Clark Co., IL (see also his pedigree chart Edward bc 1615 ENG thru Thos on this DNA website)

G5 Elizabeth Maddox, b. 1802 Fleming Co., KY, m. 1817 Nathaniel Sweet, Fleming Co., KY, d. 1878 Clark Co., IL

G6 Vinson Maddox, b. 1803 Fleming Co., KY, d. 1863

G7 WILLIAM MADDOX b. 1804 (see H below)

G8 Rachel Maddox, b. 1806 Fleming Co., KY, m. 1824 Hezekiah K. Griffith, Lewis Co., KY, d. 1868 Clark Co., IL

G9 Lewis Maddox, b. 1807 (see HH below)

G10 (John) Wilson Maddox, b. 1810 Fleming Co., KY, m. Elizabeth Hall?, d. 1882 Breckenridge Co., KY?


Generation 8


H WILLIAM MADDOX (same as G7 above) -8

b. 1804 Fleming Co., KY

m. 1st 1826 Nancy Brandenburg, Lewis Co., KY

d. 1885 Douglas Co., IL




H1 Sophia Maddox, b. 1829 Lewis Co., KY, m. 1846 Milton Fryer, Bracken Co., KY, d. aft. 1880 Douglas Co., IL?

H2 John Maddox, b. 1830 Lewis Co., KY, d. aft. 1853 KY? IL?

H3 Mary A. Maddox, b. 1832 Bracken Co., KY, m. 1850 John F. Fryer, Bracken Co., KY, d. prob. Pendleton Co., KY

H4 William Maddox, b. 1834 (see I below)

H5 SAMSON SANFORD MADDOX, b. 1835 (see II below)

H6 Foster Maddox, b. 1837 Bracken Co., KY, m. 1859 Amanda J. Rexrode, Coles/Douglas Co., IL, d. aft. 1910 Los Angeles Co., CA

H7 Sophrona D. Maddox, b. 1838 Bracken Co., KY, m. 1854 Larkin G. Humble, Bracken Co., KY, d. 1912 Macon Co., IL

H8 Anne E. Maddox, b. 1839 Bracken Co., KY, m. 1864 James I. Bonar, Pendleton Co., KY, d. 1888 Pendleton co., KY

H9 Elizabeth Maddox, b. 1842 Bracken Co., KY, m. 1864 Reuben B. Green, Douglas Co., IL, d. IN?

H10 Absalom Maddox, b. 1843 Bracken Co., KY, d. 1844 Bracken Co., KY

H11 Benjamin F. Maddox, b. 1844 (see III below)

H12 Francis Maddox, b. 1846 Bracken Co., KY

H13 Milton T. Maddox, b. 1848 (see IIII below)

H14 Catherine Maddox, b. 1849 Bracken Co., KY, m. 1880 William Seany, Moultrie Co., IL

H15 Marion P. Maddox, b. 1850 (see IIIII below)


m. 2nd Nancy McCarty Artt


H16 Georgia Maddox, b. 1854 Bracken Co., KY, m. __ Rice

H17 Robert Maddox, b. 1859 Coles/Douglas Co., IL, d. TX, OR or SD?


m. 3rd Amanda Rina


HH Lewis Maddox

b. 1807 Fleming Co., KY

m. 1829 Elizabeth Hewitt, Pickaway Co., OH

d. aft. 1860 Vigo Co., IN?




HH1 William b. 1833 Clermont Co., OH

HH2 John b. 1835 Clark Co., OH


Generation 7


:I William Maddox (same as H4 above)

b. 1834 Bracken Co., KY

m. 1857 Nancy An deGrace, Coles/Douglas Co., IL

d. 1911 Sumner Co., KS




I-1 Stephen D. Maddox, b. 1859 Coles/Douglas co., IL, d. 1860 Douglas Co., IL

I-2 Ella E. Maddox, b. 1861 Douglas Co., IL, m. 1884 David C. McKinney, Sumner Co., KS, d. 1950 Sumner Co., KS

I-3 Jeanette/Jeannis Maddox, b. 1863 Douglas Co., IL, d. 1864 Douglas Co., IL

I-4 Abner Maddox, b. 1869 Douglas Co., IL, d. 1918 McPherson Co., KS

I-5 Frank/Jack Maddox, b. 1873 Sumner Co., KS, m. Emma B, Kansas, d. 1943 Sumner Co., KS

I-6 Rufus Maddox, b. 1875 Sumner Co., KS, m. Sarah Alice, d. 1952 Cowley Co., KS

I-7 Sophia Maddox, b. 1880 Sumner Co., KS, m. William Pratt, d. 1973 Larimer Co., CO

I-8 Grace Maddox, b. 1884 Sumner Co., KS, m. __ Pilkington


II SAMSON SANFORD MADDOX (same as H5 above) -7

b. 1835 Bracken Co., KY

m. 1860 Mary L. Fyer, Pendleton co., KY

d. 1918 Hamilton Co., IL




II-1 Sherman Maddox, b.c. 1861 Pendleton Co., KY, d. bef. 1882 Pendleton co., KY

II-2 Emma Maddox, b. 1863 Pendleton Co., KY, m. 1881 George Shields, Hamilton Co., IL, d. 1887 Hamilton Co., IL

II-3 ULYSSES GRANT MADDOX, b. 1864 Pendleton Co., KY, m. 1889 Millie M. Funkhouser, d. 1916 Stoddard Co., MO

II-4 Nancy A. Maddox, b. 1867 Pendleton Co., KY, m. James Cook

II-5 William T. S. Maddox, b. 1870 Pendleton Co., KY, d. 1882 Hamilton Co., IL

II-6 Sarah J. Maddox, b. 1873 Hamilton Co., IL, m. 1892 James a. Glover, Jefferson Co., IL, d. 1948 DeKalb Co., IL

II-7 JAMES ARTHUR MADDOX, b. 1880 Hamilton co., IL, m. 1899 Florence M. Hill, Stoddard Co., MO, d. 1957 Stoddard Co., MO

William Maddox




Sanford Maddox

Ulysses Grant Maddox

James Arthur Maddox


III BENJAMIN F. MADDOX (same as H11 above)

b. 1844 Bracken Co., KY

m. 1872 Jane r. Whaley, Sumner Co., KS

d. 1924 Ventura Co., CA




III-1 William W. Maddox, b. 1873 Sumner Co., KS, d. 1874 Sumner Co., KS

III-2 Sherman F. Maddox, b. 1874 Sumner Co., KS, d. 1874 Sumner Co., KS

III-3 Lelia E. Maddox, b. 1877 Nebraska

III-4 Harry E. Maddox, b. 1878 Ventura Co., CA, d.c. 1929 Merced Co., CA

III-5 Foster F. Maddox, b. 1882 Ventura Co., CA, d.c. 1901 Ventura Co., CA

III-6 Maude M. Maddox, b. 1884 Ventura Co., CA


IIII MILTON T. MADDOX (same as H13 above)

b. 1848 Bracken Co., KY

m. 1871 Anna A. Wilhite, Douglas Co., IL

d. Aft. 1910 Marion Co., IN




IIII-1 Albert Maddox, b. 1872 Douglas Co., IL, m. 1908 Elizabeth Branblit, Effingham Co., IL

IIII-2 Earle Maddox, b. 1874 Douglas Co., IL

IIII-3 Mattie Maddox, b. 1878 Douglas Co., IL

III-4 Daisy M. Maddox, b. 1879 Marion Co., IN

III-5 Harley M. Maddox, b. 1882 Marion Co., IN


IIIII MARION P. MADDOX (same as H15 above)

b. 1850 Bracken Co., KY

m. Samantha E. __, Ohio Co., KY?





IIIII-1 Mirtie O. Maddox, b. 1875 KY

IIIII-2 Marion Maddox, b. 1876 KY




1Paternity Documentation Thomas to Edward: Strong circumstantial. Thomas at Jamestown (first permanent settlement in North America) on the James River in today's York Co., VA 1620. Edward owned land on the James River in Charles City co. adjoining York 1642.


2Paternity Documentation Edward to Cornelius: Strong circumstantial. Edward and Cornelius were the only Maddockses in Charles Co., MD, between 1668 and 1675 when Edward died. (There may be a will) There were still very few Maddoxes in America at this time.


3Paternity Documentation Cornelius to James: Very Strong circumstantial. In same county and right age as proven brothers. (He died before brothers were named in a court document of 1744). Also DNA of descendant indicates relationship to Alexander (A2 above ~ Kit19702)


4Paternity Documentation James to Notley: Notley listed in estate settlement of James 1735 Charles Co., MD

5Paternity Documentation Notley to George: George listed in estate settlement of Notley 1786 Charles Co., MD

6Paternity Documentation George to John: John in 1880 census Fauquier Co., VA, as "son of George"

7Paternity Documentation John to William: Family Bible in possession of Elmer Maddox, Kansas City, MO, 1964

8Paternity Documentation William to Sanford: 1850 and 1860 census Bracken Co., KY

9Paternity Documentation Sanford to Grant: Death certificate of Grant 1916 and obituary



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