b. 1842 SC 

With speculated grandfather and mother


(DNA Kit 10854)


Based on the censuses of Kershaw Co., SC, 1850 census, James Daniel might have been the grandson of Samuel & Lucy Maddox 2 houses away.  Thomas, 15, and Nancy, 10, were six houses away and may have been siblings or cousins of James.  Four houses away were Charles & Elizabeth Maddox who may have been James’ uncle and aunt.  The adults and children were mostly scattered among other families.  Were several fathers killed in the Mexican-American War?  See below.


James’ descendant’s DNA is a near match to descendant of Elijah Maddox b. 1765 VA (kits 21694 & 23985).  Nine houses away from James in the 1850 census of Kershaw Co., SC, was Isum Maddox, 50, with possibly a dtr. and two grandchildren.  Elijah Maddox named a son Isham Fielding D. Maddox.  At the other end of the county was Isaac Maddox with wife Betsy, and dtrs.


Our Family Bible states that James’ father “ went to the Revolution War and never came back and nothing was ever learned of him or the family.”  His father would have been b.c. 1820.  I believe he went to the Mexican-American War of 1846-48.  Over 100,000 American men served in this war.  Was he a mariner?  Charleston Co. where James was born was right on the ocean.  What does it mean “nothing was ever learned of…the family”?  We have been unable to find them after 1850 until James D. was grown.



Generation 1


A.        Samuel or Isum Maddox 1

b.         1800 SC

m.        Lucy ___ Kershaw Co? SC

d.         After 1850 prob. Kershaw Co., SC




A1       UNKNOWN SON MADDOX b.c. 1815 (see B below)

A2       Charles Maddox, b. 1825 SC, m. Elizabeth ___ Kershaw Co., SC


Generation 2



b.         c. 1815 Kershaw Co., SC

m.        Mary ___ Charleston Co? SC

d.         c. 1848 Texas or Mexico?




B3        Abram Maddox, b. 1840 Charleston Co., SC

B4       JAMES DANIEL MADDOX b. 1842 (see C below)

B5        Polly Maddox, b. 1848 Kershaw Co., SC


Generation 3


C         JAMES DANIEL MADDOX (same as B4 above)3

b.         1842 Charleston Co., SC

m.        1st 1874 Sarah M. Broadhurst, MO

m.        2nd 1876 Virginia S. Broadhurst, MO

d.         1912 Ray Co., MO




C1       Lucy Janes Maddox, b. 1877 Ray Co., MO, m. Holman Turner, d. 1956

C2       Mary Etta Maddox, b. 1881 Ray Co., MO, m. Joe Moore

C3       Brunetti Elviria Maddox, b. 1883 Ray Co., MO, m. ___ Vineyard

C4       Sarah Malinda Maddox, b. 1887 Ray Co., MO, m. Charles Mansell, d. 1965

C5       Walter James Maddox, b. 1889 Ray Co., MO, m. Julia ___, d. 1920

C6       AUSTIN ELMER MADDOX, b. 1892 Ray Co., MO, m. 1921 Hazel Mae Kerns, Kay Co., OK, d. 1956 Tulsa Co., OK

C7       Nellie Margaret Maddox, b. 1895 Ray Co.,  MO

C8       Millie Maddox, b. 1897 Ray Co., MO





1 Paternity Documentation Samuel or Isum to Unknown:  Circumstantial.  In 1850 census Kershaw Co., SC, both age 50 and living 2 and 6 houses from James age 7.  Elijah Maddox, whose DNA is a near match to James, named a son Isham Fielding D. Maddox.  James said in 1880 both his parents b. SC.  Samuel also in 1840 and 1830 census Kershaw Co. Samuel and Isham’s father may have been Nathan b. 1794 or before who appeared in the 1820 census Kershaw Co.


2Paternity Documentation Unknown to James Daniel:  1850 census, Kershaw Co., SC, and Family Bible

3Paternity Documentation James Daniel to Austin Elmer Maddox:  1900 census Ray Co., MO



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