b.c. 1752 NC?


(DNA Kit 12087)


It is thought this family came from Anne Arundel Co., MD


There is a close DNA match with Christopher Mattix (same spelling)

who has a pedigree chart on this DNA website


See also story on this website of Edward, John & Charles Mattocks at Battle of Kings Mountain



Generation 1



b. c. 1722

m. c. 1745





A1 EDWARD MATTOCKS, b.c. 1752 (see B below)

A2 John Mattocks, b.c. 1754 SC, d. 1780 King's Mt., Lincoln/Gaston Co., NC

A3 Charles Mattocks, b.c. 1756, d. aft. 1780


Generation 2


B EDWARD MATTOCKS (same as A1 above) -2

b. 1752 NC?


d. Aft. 1808




B1 John Mattix, b.c. 1780, d. 1780 NC?

B2 EDWARD MATTIX, b. 1782 (see C below)


Generation 3


C EDWARD MATTIX (same as B2 above) -3

b. 1782 Orange Co., NC

m. 1805 Elizabeth Bond, Wayne Co., KY

d. 1859 Randolph Co., AR




C1 Jane Mattix, b. 1806 Jefferson Co., TN, m. 1822 Lawrence Thompson, Harrison Co., IN, d. 1846

C2 EDWARD MATTIX, b. 1808 (see D below)

C3 Margaret Ann Mattix, b. 1810 IN, m. 1827 David Hinds, Randolph Co., AR, d. 1861 Cooks Co., TX

C4 Cynthia Mattix, b. 1813 Harrison Co., IN, m. Nimrod Capps, d. 1867

C5 Cinderella Mattix, b. 1815 IN, m. 1st 1836 Edward ___, Randolph Co., AR, m. 2nd 1857 Robert Rogers, Tuolumme Co., CA, d. 1889 Fresno Co., CA

C6 Elizabeth Mattix, b. 1817 IN, m.c. 1837 George Cochran

C7 John Mattix, b.c. 1819 Randolph Co., AR

C8 David R. Mattix, b. 1821 Randolph Co., AR, m. 1847 Catherine West

C9 Matthew Mattix, b. 1823 Randolph Co., AR, m. 1845 Elizabeth Cochran

C10 Esther Mattix, b. 1825 Randolph Co., AR, m.c. 1845 Lorenzo D. Hatcher


Generation 4


D EDWARD MATTIX (same as C2 above) -4

b. 1808 Jefferson Co., TN

m. 1822 Charity Robertson, Jefferson Co., TN

d. 1855 Craighead Co., AR




D1 Clifton Mattix, b.c. 1823, m. Missouri Crowley

D2 David Mattix, b.c. 1825, d. 1855

D3 Sammy Mattix, b.c. 1827, d. 1855

D4 THOMAS JEFFERSON MATTIX, b.c. 1830 (see E below)

D5 Cynthias Mattix, b. 1832 AR, d. 1900

D6 Mary J. Mattix, b. 1832 Green Co., AR

D7 Asa Mattix, b. 1835 AR

D8 Mary Mattix, b. 1837 AR, d. 1927

D9 Sarah E. Mattix, b. 1843 AR

D10 AMANDA MATTIX, b. 1845 AR, d. bef. 1880

D11 James E. Mattix, b. 1847 AR

D12 JOHN E. MATTIX, b. 1850 (see EE below)


Generation 5


E THOMAS JEFFERSON MATTIX (same as D4 above)-5

b. c. 1830 AR

m. 1st Rhoda E. Higginbotham





E1 James R. Mattix, b.c. 1868 Craighead Co., AR

E2 NANCY CHARITY MATTIX, b. 1870 Craighead Co., AR, d. 1942

E3 Cynthias Mattix, b. 1873 Craighead Co., AR

E4 Mary Mattix, b.c. 1875 Craighead Co., AR, m. W. W. Nisbett

E5 Mattie B. Mattix, b.c. 1877 Craighead Co., AR, m. Robert Young

E6 Thomas H. Mattix, b.c. 1879 Craighead Co., AR

E7 George N. Mattix, b. 1881 Craighead Co., AR


m. 2nd Alzora Findley


E8 Mayvella Mattix, b. Craighead Co., AR, m. __ King


EE JOHN E. MATTIX (same as D12 above)

b. 1850 Poinsetta Co., AR

m. Hilda F. ____

d. Aft. 1880, Craighead Co., AR




EE1 M. L. Mattix, b. 1873 Craighead Co., AR

EE2 Mary Jane Mattix, b. 1874 Craighead Co., AR

EE3 John T. Mattix, b. Craighead Co., AR

EE4 William A. Mattix, b. 1878 Craighead Co., AR




1-Paternity Documentation Unknown to Edward, John and Charles: All in Tryon/Lincoln Co., NC, with land and other dealings at the same time. Also Historical Sketches of NC, by Wheeler, pg. 158; and Kings Mountain: The Epic of the Blue Ridge Mountain Men in the American Revolution by Hank Messick, pg. 129. (Both books give documentary sources of their research.)


2-Paternity Documentation Edward to Edward: Lincoln Co., NC, censuses for 1810, 1829, 1830, 1834, 1835 and military records.

3-Paternity Documentation Edward to Edward: Rankin Family Bible and NC census for 1833, 1834, 1835

4-Paternity Documentation Edward to Thomas J. and John E: Randolph Co., AR, census for 1850

5-Paternity Documentation Thoams J. to George, James & Thomas; and John E. to M. L., John T., and William A: Craighead Co., AR, census for 1860 and 1870.



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