b.c. 1646




(DNA Kit 24378)


Some believe Samuel's father was William Maddox b.c. 1720 Sussex Co., DE / MD, Lazarus Maddux line.  Lazarus’ father, Alexander’s (DNA kit 19702) DNA test results are not close to Samuel’s.


DNA test results show an exact match with immigrant Samuel’s descendant Ledoux (kit 44459), and a  genetic distance of one with Notley Warren, b. 1760 MD (Kit 31294) Notley b. 1773 MD (kit 45086)  and Justinian b. 1761 MD (kit 20561) ~ all descendants of immigrant Samuel Maddox.  This means that immigrant Samuel was probably a close relative to the father of my Samuel.



Generation 1



b.         c. 1750 DE/MD

m.        NC

d,         1821 Hancock Co., GA




A1       SAMUEL MADDOX, b. 1772 (see B below)

A2       Sarah Maddox, b. 1776 Randolph or Halifax Co., NC, m. 1810 James Bagby

A3       William Maddox, b. 1784 (see BB below)


Generation 2


B         SAMUEL MADDOX (same as A1 above)-2

b.         1772 Randolph or Halifax? Co., NC

m.        1792 Martha ___, Monroe Co., GA

d.         1831




B1       John R. Maddox, b. 1802 (see C below)

B2       William G. Maddox b. 1804 (see CC below)

B3       Jesse J. Maddox, b. 1806 (see CCC below)  

B4        Mariah Maddox, b. 1810 Handock Co., GA, m. 1826 Moses Tullis, Monroe Co., GA

B5       Samuel Baily Maddox, b. 1811 (see CCCC below)

B6       MATTHEW M. MADDOX, b. 1814 (see C5 below)

B7       Mark Marshall Maddox, b. 1819 (see C6 below)

B8       Shirley S. Maddox, b. 1821 (see C7 below)



BB       William Maddox (same as A3 above)

b.         1784 Randolph or Halifax? Co., NC

m.        c. 1814





BB1     Spencer Maddox, b.c. 1815

BB2     Nancy Maddox, b.c. 1817 


Generation 3


C         John R. Maddox (same as B1 above)

b.         1802 Hancock Co., GA

m.        1st 1823, Julia B. Ussery, Jones Co., GA





C1       Alfred M. Maddox, b. 1826 GA, m. 1851 Mary A. Gay, d. 1907

C2       Sarah A. Maddox, b. 1831, m. ___ Pearce, d. 1866

C3       Julius D. Maddox, b. 1834, m. 1858 Jane Stephenson, Randolph Co., GA

C4       Harriet E. Maddox, b. 1841, m. John C. Ganey, d. 1882

C5       Julia Maddox, b. 1843, m. ___ Catman

C6       George Maddox, b. 1848, d. 1929


m.        2nd Polly Bradford


C7       Rufus Maddox, b. 1852

C8       Amanda Maddox, b. 1855

C9       Rutha G. Maddox, b. 1858

C10     Mary A. Maddox, b. 1860


CC       William G. Maddox (same as B2 above)

b.         1804 Hancock Co., GA

m.        1823 Sophia Ussery, Jones Co., GA

d.         1880 Jones Co., GA




C1       John J. Maddox, b. 1830

C2       Abraham Maddox, b. 1833

C3       Elizabeth H. Maddox, b. 1836

C4       George W. Maddox, b. 1840, m. Maria

C5       Willilam L. Maddox, b. 1840


CCC    Jesse J. Maddox (same as B3 above)

b.         1806 Hancock Co., GA

m.       1828 Rainey C. Ussery, Jones Co., GA





CCC1  Annis S. Maddox, b. 1833

CCC2  Martha A. Maddox, b. 1835

CCC3  Ruth G. Maddox, b. 1838

CCC4  John M. Maddox, b. 1839


C4        Samuel Baily Maddox (same as B5 above)

b.         1811 Hancock Co., GA

m.        1st 1840 Margaret Moore, Stewart Co., GA

d.         1886 Monroe Co., GA




C41      Matthew B. Maddox, b.c. 1842

C42      Margaret Maddox, b.c. 1844, m. A. E. McCathon

C43      Mary R. Maddox, b.c. 1846

C44      Patsie Maddox, b.c. 1848

C45      James Marshall Maddox, b. 1850 Forsythe Co., GA, m. Nancy A.B. Walden, d. 1933


m.        2nd 1850 Nancy A. Pritchett


C46      Shirley Maddox, b.c. 1852

C47      Rebecca Maddox, b.c. 1854

C48      Edward Franklin Maddox, b.c. 1856

C49      Fannie E. Maddox, b.c. 1858


C5        MATTHEW M. MADDOX (same as B6 above)-3

b.         1814 Jasper Co., GA

m.        1835 Martha R. Bowden, Monroe Co., GA

d.         1904 Coffee Co., AL




C51     Mary A. F. Maddox, b. 1839, m. 1855 Archibald W. Ware, Stewart Co., GA, d. 1887 Simpson Co., MS

C52     James H. Maddox, b. 1840 Hancock Co., GA, m.1st 1858 Susana J. Amason, Coffee Co., GA, 2nd 1870 Jane Giles, Coffee Co., AL, d. 1929 Simpson Co., MS

C53     John B. Maddox, b. 1841 GA, m. Mary E. ____, d. 1890 MS or TX

C54     Drucilla R. Maddox, b. 1844 GA, d. 1850 GA

C55     Elizabeth R. Maddox, b. 1846 GA, m. _____ Amason

C56      Jessie J. Maddox, b. 1848 Monroe Co., GA, m. 1st 1871 Martha A. Donaldson, Coffee Co., AL, 2nd 1919 Sally V. K. Mason, Coffee Co., AL

C57      MATTHEW M. MADDOX, b. 1849 (see D below)

C58     Jephtha C. Maddox, b. 1851 GA, m. 1870 Sarah L. Jackson, Coffee Co., AL, d. 1925 Simpson Co., MS

C59     Sarah E. Maddox, b. 1852 GA, m. ___ Walker, d. FL

C510   Thomas L. Maddox, b. 1854 GA, m. 1869 Matilda M. Fowler, d. 1898 Coffee Co., AL

C511   Laura B. B. Maddox, b. 1856 GA, m. William S. McCCollough, d. 1944 Coffee Co., AL

C512   ALFRED REED MADDOX, b. 1857  (see DD below) AL, m. 1876 Nancy R. Tucker, Coffee Co., AL, d. 1906 Simpson Co., MS

C513   Francis G. B. Maddox, b. 1861 Coffee Co., AL, m. 1st 1878 Emma D. White, Coffee Co., AL, 2nd 1885 Sallie P. Calhoun, Coffee Co., AL, d. 1861 Coffee Co., AL

C514   Martha M. C. Maddox, b. 1863 AL, m. 1880 John W. Spurlin, Coffee Co., AL, d. 1945 Coffee Co., AL

C515    William J. Maddox, b. 1837 GA, m. 1855 Sarah M. Fowler, GA, d. 1895 Coffee Co., AL


C6        Mark Marshall Maddox (same as B7 above)

b.         1819 Jasper Co., GA

m.        1849 Frances J. Haywood, Monroe Co., GA

d.         1906 Monroe Co., GA




C61      Verinca Maddox, b. 1852

C62      William M. Maddox, b. 1854

C63      Melissa H. Maddox, b. 1856

C64      John M. Maddox, b. 1858

C65      Josiah Maddox, b. 1860


C7        Shirley S. Maddox (same as B8 above)

b.         1821 Jasper Co., GA

m.        1st c.1843 Sarah ____





C71      James Maddox, b. 1844

C72      Martha Maddox, b. 1846

C73      William Maddox, b. 1848

C74      Thomas Maddox, b. 1849

C75      Ross Maddox, b. 1858


m.        2nd 1859 Lucinda J. Driskell, Lafayette Co., AR


C76      Mary S. Maddox, b. 1858 AR, m. George Draper

C77      John T. Maddox, b. 1864 Clark Co., AR, m. 1st 1883 Isabel H. Reynolds, Clark Co., AR, 2nd 1896 Ivy O. Johnson, Clark Co., AR

C78      Shirley t. Maddox, b. 1865 Clark Co., AR

C79      Louisa R. Maddox, b. 1868 AR, d. 1880

C710    Matthew A. Maddox, b. 1872 Clark Co., AR, m. 1889 Frances L. Johnson, Clark Co., AR    


Generation 4


D         MATTHEW MADDOX (same as C57 above)-4

b.         1849 Coffee Co., AL

m.        Lucy Salus, Simpson Co., MS

d.         1920 Smith Co., MS




D1       Vettie Maddox, b. 1876

D2       Betty Maddox, b. 1878

D3       Martha Maddox, b. 1881

D4       Virgil Maddox, b. 1883

D5       Melissas Maddox, b. 1886

D6       Henry Maddox, b. 1888

D7       Exma I. Maddox, b. 1890

D8       Otis L. Maddox, b. 1892

D9       Mattie Maddox, b. 1895

D9       G. Clarence Maddox, b. 1897

D10     RICHARD HARRISON MADDOX, b. 1899 Simpson Co., MS, m. 1920 Betty E. Baldwin, Simpson Co., MS, d. 1976 Simpson Co., MS


DD      ALFRED REED MADDOX (same as C512 above)4

b.         1859 AL

m.        1876 Nancy R. Tucker, Coffee Co., AL

d.         1906 Simpson Co., MS           




DD1    HARVEY BERLDER MADDOX, b. 1879 Simpson Co., MS, m. c. 1903 Flora A. Hilton, Simpson Co., MS, d. 1942 Simpson Co., MS.  (Had dtr. Thelma)

DD2     Oscar D. Maddox, b. 1881 Simpson Co., MS

DD3     Victoria A. Maddox, b. 1883 Simpson Co., MS

DD4     Eanaus A. Maddox, b. 1888 Simpson Co., MS

DD5     Sarah F. Maddox, b. 1888 Simpson Co., MS

DD6     Mary E. Maddox, b. 1890 Simpson Co., MS

DD7     Ettie (son) M. Maddox, b. 1892 Simpson Co., MS

DD8     Alford S. Maddox, b. 1895 Simpson Co., MS

DD9     Christa (son) C. Maddox, b. 1897 Simpson Co., MS

DD10   Maggie Maddox, b. 1900 Simpson Co., MS




1Paternity Documentation Samuel to Samuel: Will dated 1/16/1821 Hancock Co., GA

2Paternity Documentation Samuel to Samuel:  Circumstantial.  A family researcher had the documentation but died and her documentation is not now known.  It is being verified.

3Paternity Documentation Samuel to Matthew and Alfred Reed:  1850 and 1860 census Coffee Co., AL

4aPaternity Documentation Matthew to Richard Harrison:  1900 census, Simpson Co., MS

4bPaternity Documentation Alfred Reed to Harvey B:  1900 census Simpson Co., MS



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