b. 1790 MD


(DNA Kit 32875)


In Barren Co., KY, were these Maddoxes:  Polly who m. 1807, Katherine who m. 1813, and Ignatius (b. 1793) who m. 1822.   We believe they were siblings of Samuel who m. there in 1815.  Also, Joseph b. 1802 MD found in the adjoining county from Samuel (Chariton in MO) in 1850 was probably his brother.  The first son of both Joseph and Samuel was named John, and the second son of Ignatius was named John, possibly their father’s name.


Generation 1


A.        SAMUEL MADDOX -1

b.         1790 MD

m.        Jane Gray/McMurray, Barren Co., KY

d.         After 1870 Howard Co., MO




A1       JOHN W. MADDOX, b. 1819 (see B below)

A2       Unknown daughter? b.c. 1822

A3       Unknown daughter? b.c. 1825

A4       James Maddox, b. 1827 (not sure he was a son)

A5       JOSEPH ELI MADDOX, b. 1828 MO (see BB below)

A6       William Preston Maddox, b. 1831 (see BBB below)

A2       Walter Maddox, b. 1832 MO

A3       William R. Maddox, b. 1835 MO

A4       Jane Maddox, b. 1843 MO


Generation 2


B         JOHN W. MADDOX (same as A1 above) 2a

b.         1819 Barren Co., KY

m.        1842 Mary Ann Rawlings, Howard Co.,  MO

d.         1869 Chariton Co., MO




B1        Frances Jane Maddox, b. 1844 Linn Co., MO, m. George M. Johnson, d. 1922 Sayer, OK

B2        Nancy James Maddox, b. 1846 MO Linn Co., MO, m. Zack Holloway

B3       MARY ELIZA MADDOX, b. 1848 Linn Co., MO, m. 1866 Joseph K. Matthews, Linn Co., MO, d. 1920 Chariton Co., MO (dtr. Mary Hope m. Edward R. Pinnell)

B4        Martha Celestal Maddox, b. 1849 Linn Co., MO, m. Thomas C. Swearingen, d. 1927 Wallowa Co., OR

B5       Owen Rawlings Maddox, b. 1850 (see C below)

B6        Josephine Maddox, b. 1852 Linn Co., MO

B7        John Maddox, b. 1859 Linn Co., MO, d. bef. 1922

B8        William B. Maddox, b. 1863 Linn Co., MO, d. 1924 OK

B9        Georgie M. Maddox, b. 1867 Linn Co., MO, m. ___Belshe, d. aft. 1922



BB       JOSEPH ELI MADDOX (same as A5 above) –2b

b.         1828 MO

m.        1853 Amanda Hurt, Howard Co., MO

d.         1869 Linn Co., MO




BB1     Samuel Maddox, b. 1855 Linn Co., MO

BB2     Walter Maddox, b. 1857 Linn Co., MO

BB3     Lenora Maddox, b. 1860 Linn Co., MO

BB4     Arthur Maddox, b. 1863 Linn Co., MO

BB5     CONGREAVE H. MADDOX, b. 1864 (see CC below)

BB6     Lucy? G. Maddox, b. 1868 Linn Co., MO


BBB    William Preston Maddox (same as A6 above)

b.         1831 Howard Co., MO

m.        c. 1848 Judith/Julia A. ____ MO

d.         After 1910 MO




BBB1   Joseph J. Maddox, b. 1859 Linn Co., MO

BBB2  Herbert T. Maddox, b. 1861 (see CCC below)

BBB3   Clara Maddox, b. 1863 Linn Co., MO

BBB4   Mary Maddox, b. 1865 Linn Co., MO

BBB5  Howard Maddox, b. 1868 (see CCCC below)


Generation 3


C         Owen Rawlings Maddox (same as B5 above)

b.         1850 Linn Co., MO

m.        c. 1873 Willie J. Rooker

d.         Aft. 1930 Pueblo Co., CO




C1       Lee R. Maddox, b. 1874 Chariton Co., MO

C2       Cecil J/D Maddox, b. 1876 Chariton Co., MO

C3       Willie O. Maddox, b. 1878 Chariton Co., MO

C4       Hazel Maddox, b. 1895 Pueblo Co., CO (was she a grand daughter?)


CC       CONGRIEVE H. MADDOX (same as BB5 above) 3

b.         1865 Linn Co., MO

m.        1890 Nancy B. Stauber

d.         1929 MO




CC1     Raymond C. Maddox, b. 1892 Linn Co., MO, m. 1915 Viola Fetty

CC2     Edna M. Maddox, b. 1895 Linn Co., MO, m. 1919 James W. Burch, d. 1995 Boone Co., MO

CC3     Ruth Maddox, b. 1897 Linn Co., MO, m. 1921 Roscoe Place

CC4     Stauber Maddox, b.c. 1900 Linn Co., MO

CC5     CONGRIEVE S. MADDOX, b. 1903 Linn Co., MO, m. Leoma Jones, d. 1940 Whitman Co., WA


CCC    Herbert T. Maddox (same as BBBB2 above)

b.         1761 Linn Co., MO

m.        c. 1893 Lou A. ____, MO





CCC1  Chesley L. Maddox, b. 1894 (see D below)

CCC2  Olive M. Maddox, b. 1895 Pueblo Co., CO


CCCC             Howard L. Maddox (same as BBBB5 above)

b.                     1868 Linn Co., MO

m.                    c. 1895 Emma E. ___





CCCC1           Marie Maddox, b. 1896 Arapaho Co., CO


Generation 4


D         Chesley L. Maddox (same as CCC1 above)

b.         1894 Linn Co., MO

m.        c. 1918 Nellie B. _____, CO





D1       Herbert D. Maddox, b. 1919 Arapahoe Co., CO

D2       Shirley J. Maddox, b. 19231 Arapahoe Co., CO

D3       Dorothy A. Maddox, b. 1927 Arapahoe Co., CO





1a-Paternity Documentation Samuel to John W:  John W. and William P. were administrators of Samuel’s estate in 1860 Chariton Co., MO.  William P. had been in the 1850 census in the household of Samuel. 


1b-Paternity Documentation Samuel to Joseph E:  In the 1880 census of Linn Co., MO, HH 346-351, Joseph's sons Samuel, Arthur and Congrave have in their household Josephine a "cousin."  This Josephine was in the 1850 census of Linn Co., HH 233-233, with father John W. Maddox.


2a-Paternity Documentation John W. to children:  1860 census Linn Co., MO


2b-Paternity Documentation Joseph E. to Congrieve H:  1860 census Linn Co., MO, listing J[oseph] E[li], 30, and wife Amanda, 29.  1870 census Linn Co., MO, listing widowed Amanda, 40, and son Congrave D, 6.


3-Paternity Documentation Congrieve H. to Congrieve S:  1910 census Linn Co., MO



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