b.c. 1743 VA  

(DNA Kit 35166) 

At last the decades of speculation are over.  Nathan, along with several others, have had a perfect match with John Maddox (DNA Kit 29381) b. 1667 of Goochland Co., VA.  Exactly how he is related to John has not yet been determined.

See also pedigree chart of William Maddox b. 1773 VA on this website.  Was he a nephew of Nathan?

Generation 1

 A.        NATHAN MATTOX -1

b.         c. 1743 Virginia

m.        1769 Prudence Bozman, VA

d.         Aft. 1828 Franklin Co., VA 


A1       Michael Maddox, b. 1773 (see B below)

A2       Margaret V. Mattox, b.c. 1775 Bedford/Franklin Co., VA, m. 1795 Jordan Kemp, Franklin Co., VA, d.c. 1842 Callaway Co., MO

A3       Rebecca Mattox, b.c. 1776 Bedford/Franklin Co., VA, m. 1795 Joseph Bolling, Franklin Co., VA, d. Franklin Co., VA

A4       GABRIEL MATTOX, b. 1778 (see BB below)

A5       Sarah Prudence Mattox, b.c. 1780 Bedford/Franklin Co., VA, m. 1802 Robert Kemp, Franklin Co., VA

A6       David Mattox, b. 1783 (see BBB below)

A7       John Mattox, b.c. 1785 (see BBBB below)

A8       Wesley Mattox, b. 1787 (see B5 below)  

                                                                                Generation 2  

B.        Michael Maddox (same as A1 above)

b.         1773 Bedford/Franklin Co., VA

m.        1st 1795 Mary Fraley, Franklin Co., VA

d.         1845 Blackford Co., IN 


B1        Margaret Maddox, b.c. 1796 Greenbrier Co., WV, m. 1816 John Kemp, Adams Co., OH

B2        Frederick F. Mattox, b. 1797 Greenbrier Co., WV, m. 1817 Maria Haigh, Highland Co., OH, d. 1884 Benton Co., IN

B3        Nathan Mattox, b. 1800 Greenbrier Co., WV, m. 1824 Elizabeth Jackson, d. 1879 Highland Co., OH

B4        Elizabeth B. Maddox, b. 1802 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1827 David Jackson, Highland Co., OH, d. 1844

B5        John Maddox, b. 1804 PA, m. 1836 Betsy Lemon, d. 1871 Montgomery Co., OH

B6        Daniel F. Maddox, b. 1806 Adams Co., OH, m. 1829 Mary W. Hewitt, Highland Co., OH, d. 1898 Highland Co., OH

B7        Samuel F. Maddox, b. 1808 Adams Co., OH, m. 1834 Malinda E. F. Hewitt, Highland Co., OH, d. 1863 Buffalo Co., NE

B8        Silas F. Maddox, b. 1811 Adams Co., OH, m. 1833 Diadame S. Embry, Fauquier Co., VA, d. 1849 Blackford Co., IN

B9       Rebecca A. Maddox, b. 1813 Adams Co., OH, m. 1838 Madison G. Maddox, Highland Co., OH (see pedigree chart of William Maddox, b. 1773 VA on this website, generation 2)                           

B10     Michael Maddox, b. 1814 Adams Co., OH, d. 1814 Adams Co., OH 

m.        2nd 1816 Frances Jones, Highland Co., OH 

B11      Mary M. Maddox, b. 1817 Highland Co., OH, m. 1836 Charles W. Mays, Highland Co., OH

B12      Joseph C. Maddox, b. 1819 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1838 Laura Porter, Darke Co., OH

B13      Wesley H. Maddox, b. 1821 Highland Co., OH, m. 1849 Eliza A. Grove, Welles Co., IN, d. 1903 Blackford Co., IN       

B14      William McKendree Maddox, B. 1823 Highland Co., OH, m. 1st 1859 Mary C. Miller, Holt Co., MO, m. 2nd 1874 Mary J. Minor, d. 1906 Richardson Co., NE (see reference in footnotes)

B15      Wilson M. Maddox, b. 1825 Highland Co., OH, m. 1st 1844 Mary Blount, Welles Co., IN, m. 2nd 1855 Margaret A. Miller, Richardson Co., NE, d. 1903 Richardson Co., NE

B16      James J. Maddox, b. 1827 Highland Co., OH, m. 1849 Sophia M. Miller, Blackford Co., IN, d. 1900 Blackford Co., IN

B17      Eliza J. Maddox, b. 1829 Highland Co., OH, m. 1863 William A. Campbell, Blackford Co., IN, d. 1905 Nucholls Co., NE

B18      Sarah Prudence Maddox, b. 1831 Highland Co., OH, m. 1849 Martin Rhine, Blackford Co., IN, d. 1909 Richardson Co., NE 

BB       GABRIEL MATTOX (same as A4 above) -2

b.         1778 Franklin/Bedford Co., VA

m.        1801 Mary Mitchell, Bedford Co., VA

d.         1858 Franklin Co., VA


 BB1     Daniel Mattox, b. 1802 Franklin Co., VA, m. Sally Whitehead, d. GA

BB2     Samuel G. Mattox, b. 1804 Franklin Co., VA, m. Sally A. Dent, d. 1896 Franklin Co., VA

BB3     Permelia Mattox, b.c. 1807 Franklin Co., VA, m. 1830 Clifford M. Brooks, d.c. 1833 Franklin Co., VA

BB4     Frances Mattox, b.c. 1809 Franklin Co., VA, m. Charles Crum

BB5     Martha R. Mattox, b.c. 1812 Franklin Co., VA, m. 1846 William R. Houseman, d.c. 1851 Franklin Co., VA

BB6     DAVID P. MATTOX, b. 1815 (see C below)

BB7     Margaret P. Mattox, b. 1816 Franklin Co., VA, m. 1851 Jeremiah Barber, d. 1901 VA

BB8     John T. Mattox, b. 1820 Franklin Co., VA, m. 1845 Elvira J. Cook, d. 1800 Franklin Co., VA (see reference to dtr. Nanny in footnote)

BB9     Georgia Mattox, b.c. 1822

  BBB   David Mattox (same as A6 above)

b.         1783 Bedford/Franklin Co., VA

m.        1806 Sara Hail, Franklin Co., VA

d.         1855 Oglethorpe Co., GA


 BBB1  William D. Mattox, b. 1816 Elbert Co., GA, m. 1837 Eurenna M. Beall, GA, d. 1864 CSA

BBB2  Nathan Mattox, b. 1807 Elbert Co., GA, m. 1826 Lucy Key, Elbert Co., GA, d. 1862 Wilkes Co., GA

BBB3   John W. Mattox, b. 1809 Elbert Co., GA, m. 1st 1833 Caroline T. Whitlow, Elbert Co., GA, m. 2nd 1860 Mary ___, GA, d. 1801 Wilkes Co., GA (see reference to his letter in foothotes)

BBB4  Henry P. Mattox, b. 1811 Elbert Co., GA, m. 1833 Sophia Nunnalee, Elbert Co., GA, d. 1893 Elbert Co., GA (see reference to son Wm. Henry Mattox in footnotes)

BBB5  Elizabeth N. Mattox, b. 1813 Elbert Co., GA, m. 1828 Zachariah H. Clark, GA, d. 1854 GA

BBB6  Mary V. Mattox, b. 1819 Elbert Co., GA, m. 1834 Richard V. Gaulding, Elbert Co., GA, d. 1888 Elbert Co., GA

BBB7  Sarah P. Mattox, b. 1822 Elbert Co., GA, m. 1st 1838 Miles Jennings, Oglethorpe Co., GA, m. 2nd 1840 James F/T Johnson, Oglethorpe Co., GA, d. 1859 GA

BBB8  Michael G. W. Mattox, b. 1825 Elbert Co., GA, d. 1897 Oglethorpe Co., GA

BBB9  Lucy J. Mattox, b. 1828 Elbert Co., GA, m. William G. Allen, d. 1847

BBB10   James C. Mattox, b. 1830 Elbert Co., GA, d. 1855 Elbert Co., GA

BBB11   William H. Mattox, b. 1847 Elbert Co., GA, d. 1847 Elbert Co., GA

  B4        John Mattox

b.         c. 1784 Bedford/Franklin Co., VA

m.        1816 Mary Cochran, Franklin Co., VA

d.         1839 Sumner Co., TN


 B41     Sarah V. Mattox, b.c. 1817 Sumner Co., TN, m. James Boles/Byles

B42     Wiley A. Mattox, b. 1820 Sumner Co., TN, m. 1848 Darah C. McDonald, Hunt Co., TX, d. 1880 Hunt Co., TX

B43      Matilda J. Mattox, b. 1821 Sumner Co., TN, m. 1842 Daniel G. Perdue, Sumner Co., TN, d. 1890 Sumner Co., TN

B44      Perry W. Mattox, b. 1823 Sumner Co., TN, m. 1861 Mary J. Saunders, Hunt Co., TX, d. 1902 Wagner Co., TX

B45      Mary A. Mattox, b.c. 1825 Sumner Co., TN, m. Mack/Mark Perdue

B46      Emily F. Mattox, b.c. 1827 Sumner Co., TN, m. William Boles/Byles

B47     Letitia V. Mattox, b.c. 1829 Sumner Co., TN, m. H. Perdue

B48     Severence E. Mattox, b.c. 1831 Sumner Co., TN, m. Samuel Rippy, d.c. 1856

B49     Lina E. Mattox, b.c. 1833 Sumner Co., TN, m. Daniel W. Barber

B410   Amon C. Mattox, b.c. 1835 Sumner co., TN, m. Sarah ___

B411   A Blair Mattox, b.c. 1837 Sumner Co., TN

B412   John Mattox, b.c. 1839 Sumner Co., TN

B413    R. T. Mattox, b.c. 1840 Sumner Co., TN, d. 1839

  B5         Wesley Mattox (same as A8 above)

b.         1787 Franklin Co., VA

m.        1814 Jane Craghead, Franklin Co., VA

d.         1876 Bedford Co., VA


 B51      Sarah Prudence Mattox, b. 1815 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1834 James W. Ayers, Bedford Co., VA, d. 1853 VA

B52      John C. Mattox, b. 1816 Bedford Co., VA, d.c. 1830 Bedford Co., VA

B53      Mahala F. Mattox, b. 1818 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1853 William R. Houseman, d.c. 1903 Franklin Co., VA  

B54      Robert P. Mattox, b. 1820 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1st 1848 Charlotte Morgan, Bedford Co., VA, m. 2nd 1853 Martha M. Franklin, VA, d. 1900 VA

B55      Nancy C. Mattox, b. 1821 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1844 George Snow, Bedford Co., VA, d. VA

B56      Charles W. Mattox, b. 1823 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1846 Nancy C. Ashworth, Franklin Co., VA, d. 1884 Callaway Co., MO

B57      Nathan W. Mattox, b. 1825 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1869 Elizabeth A. Orr, Elbert Co., GA, d. GA

B58     Thomas T. Mattox, b. 1827 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1862 Elizabeth Doss, GA, d.c. 1862 GA (see reference in footnote)

B59      Mary J. E. Mattox, b. 1829 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1848 Bedford Co., VA, d. 1865 Franklin Co., VA

B510    Michael T. Mattox, b. 1831 Bedford Co., VA, m. 1853 Mary J. Morgan, Bedford Co., VA, d. 1926 Rockbridge Co., VA

B511    James L. Mattox, b. 1833 Bedford Co., VA

                                                                                  Generation 3

 C.     DAVID P. MATTOX (same as BB6 above) -3

b.      1815 Franklin Co., VA

m.     1st 1839 Martha J. Cook, Pittsylvania Co., VA

d.      1900 Franklin Co., VA


 C1    Gabriel T. Mattox, b. 1841 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1928 Franklin Co., VA

C2    Harmon C. Mattox, b. 1846 Franklin Co., VA

C3    John W. Mattox, b. 1848 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1941 Franklin Co., VA (see reference to his son in footnote)

C4    SAMUEL C. MATTOX, b. 1850 (see D below)

C5    James H. Mattox, b. 1853 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1933 Franklin Co., VA

C6    George D. Mattox, b. 1855 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1928 Franklin Co., VA

C7    Sarah F. Mattox, b. 1857 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1857 Franklin Co., VA

 m.    2nd c. 1860 Elizabeth S. Mitchell, Bedford Co., VA

 C8    Mary J. E. Mattox, b.c. 1861 Franklin Co., VA

C9    Daughter Mattox, b.c. 1863 Franklin Co., VA, d.c. 1870 Franklin Co., VA

 m.    3rd c. 1869 Sallie Semone, Franklin Co., VA

 C10   William C. Mattox, b. 1877 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1952 Forsythe Co., NC

C11   Sallie Mattox, b. 1880 Franklin Co., VA, d.c. 1880 Franklin Co., VA

                                                                                   Generation 4

  D.     SAMUEL C. MATTOX (same as C4 above)-4

b.      1850 Franklin Co., VA

m.     1877 Roxie A. Brock, Franklin Co., VA

d.      1921 Franklin Co., VA


 D1    Mattie B. Mattox, b. 1879 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1969 Franklin Co., VA

D2    TYLER F. MATTOX, b. 1880 Franklin Co., VA, m. 1910 Laura A. Rice, Franklin Co., VA, d. 1958 Roanoke Co., VA

D3    Samuel L. Mattox, b. 1881 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1976 Campbell Co., VA

D4    Annie M. Mattox, b. 1883 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1924 Roanoke Co., VA

D5    Vernie E. Mattox, b. 1885 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1974 Roanoke Co., VA

D6    Effie P. Mattox, b. 1887 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1960 Roanoke Co., VA

D7    Bertha  D. Mattox, b. 1889 Franklin Co., VA

D8    Charlie F. Mattox, b. 1890 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1964

D9    Edith C. Mattox, b. 1892 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1927 Franklin Co., VA

D10  Reggie Mattox, b.c. 1895 Franklin Co., VA, dy Franklin Co., VA

D11   Gary L. Mattox, b. 1897 Franklin Co., VA, d. 1964 Norfolk, VA


  1-Paternity Documentation Nathan to Gabriel: Letters to William McKendree Maddox (B14 above), grandson of Nathan from Mattox cousins in GA, VA, MO, Tn 1891-1901.  Among them were:  

a.  Brother of Gabriel, David, identified as "grampa David" in letter of June 22, 1891 by Wm. Henry Mattox (BBB4 above).  

b.  Thomas T. Mattox (B5-8 above b. 1827) in a letter identified Nathan who married Prudence Vozman as his grandparents.  

Name only of Nathan in Family Bible in possession of Nannie Elizabeth Mattox Martin, dtr. of John Tracy Mattox (BB8 above) copied in 1943 and in possession of James Vol. Mattox, 113 Wayne St., Bluefield, WV, son of John W. Mattox (C3 above).  

2-Paternity Documentation Gabriel to David P:  Letter of Pleasant Dickerson Mattox stating, "my father was Samuel, borned in 1804, wife Sallie Dent" (BB2 above) and "my grandfathers name was Gabriel his wife was Polly Mitchell."  David P. was the brother of Samuel.  

3-Paternity Documentation David P. to Samuel C:  Letter of Miss Vernie Mattox dated 1973 stating, "my father was Samuel Cook Mattox" (D above).  Also 1880 census Franklin Co., VA. 

4-Paternity Documentation Samule C. to Tyler F:  1900 census Franklin Co., VA

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