b. 1814


With speculated father Moses


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DNA results show a genetic distance of four from the nearest Maddox match.  It is not very close, but two of the markers that differ can mutate more easily than others.


Moses Haddon was in 1800 Edgefield Co., SC.  In the margin next to Moses’ name it says “Elijah Haddix”.  Did he go by both names?  There was only one adult male in the household.   That same year, Mayjour Hatton was in Greenville Co., and James Haddock was in Union Dist.  In 1790 Peter Hadsock of Beauford Co. was the only one of this surname in SC.  There was a Moses Madden in 1790 Laurens Co., SC, with two sons under 16, and two men over 16.  I have not yet found Moses in Georgia.  Perhaps he died soon after Gabriel was born.


Notice the spelling and name changes in surname of descendants (HaDDox and Coe).



Generation 1



b.         c. 1770 SC

m.        Rachael Coe SC

d.         Bef. 1829




A1       Martha Hattox, b. 1795 Edgefield Dist., SC, m. 1809 William J. Brasselle, d. 1836 Fayette Co., GA

A2       Daughter Hattox, b.c. 1797 Edgefield Dist., SC, m. John Irwin

A3       John Haddock, b. 1798 (see B below)

A4       Phillip Alexander Hattox Coe, b. 1800 (see BB below)

A5       Elijah Hattox, b. 1801 (see BBB below)

A6       James C. Hattox, b. 1805 (see B4 below)

A7       Lucreasy (Lucretia?) Hattox, b.c. 1809 Harris Co., GA, m. 1929 John Hunt, Upson Co., GA

A8       GABRIEL HUBBARD HATTOX, b. 1814 Harris Co., GA (see B5 below)


Generation 2


B         John Hattox (same as A3 above)

b.         1798 Edgefield Dist., SC

m.        1820 Mary Ann Jones, GA

d.         1858 Fayette Co., GA




B1        Mary Elizabeth Haddock

B2        Lucy Ann Haddock, b. 1822 Harris C., GA

B3       Moses Wesley Haddock, b. 1824 (see C below)

B4        Martha Bash Haddock, b. 1827 Harris Co., GA

B5        Benjamin Omni Haddock, b. 1828 Harris Co., GA

B6        Lucinda Adeline Haddock, b. 1833 Harris Co., GA

B7        Amanda Jones Haddock b. 1835 Harris Co., GA

B8        Sara Hepsa Haddock b. 1838 Harris Co., GA

B9        John Cooper Haddock b. 1840

B10      Nancy Miriam Haddock b. 1842 Harris Co., GA


BB       Philip Alexander Hattox Coe (same as A4 above)

b.         1800 Edgefield Dist., SC

m.        1st c. 1822 Unknown

d.         1852 Gonzoles Co., TX




BB1     Rachael Coe, b. 1822, m. 1846 James T. Cleveland, d. 1877 Gonzales Co., TX

BB2     Mary E. Coe, b. 1825, m. 1849 John W. Weston, d.1878 Gonzales Co., TX

BB3     Elizabeth Coe, b.c. 1827, m. 1847 W. R. Pipkin, Gonzales Co., TX


m.        2nd 1829 Elizabeth A. Parker


BB4     Sarah Adaline Coe, b. 1832, m. 1860 Addison P. Towns

BB5     Martha Ann Coe, b. 1835, d. 1853 Gonzales Co., TX

BB6     Jane Coe, b. 1837, m. 1860 Tom Houston Gonzales Co., TX

BB7     Philip Houston Coe, b. 1839, d. 1871 Dickinson Co., KS

BB8     Delilah Coe, b. 1842, m. 1857 Samuel Portis, Gonzales Co., TX

BB9     Eliza Coe, b. 1845, m. 1868 Robert C. Kuykendall, d. 1941 Gonzales Co., TX

BB10   Harriet Coe, bv. 1847, m. George W. Tom, d. Gonzales Co., TX

BB11   Georgiana Coe, b. 1849, m. 1873 Frank Howard, Gonzales Co., TX

BB12   Gabriel Hubbard Coe, b. 1852, m. 1st 1872 Georgia Denman, 2nd 1896 Martha C. Hodges, d. 1935 Gonzales Co., TX


BBB    Elijah Hattox (same as A5 above)2

b.         1801 Edgefield Dist., SC

m.        Martha Guilmore?

d.         1859 Pontotoc Co., MS




BBB1   Elizabeth Hattox, b. 1823 Harris Co., GA, d. 1900 Johnson Co., TX

BBB2  James Hattox, b. 1825 (see CC below)

BBB3   Nancy Hattox, b. 1826 Harris Co., GA, m. 1856 Francis M. Wiley, Pontotoc Co., MS

BBB4   Nelly Minerva Hattox, b. 1827 Harris Co., GA, m. Abraham Huckaby, Pontotoc Co., MS

BBB5   Delia Mary Ann Hattox, b. 1832 Troup Co., GA, m. 1853 Andrew J. Hunt, Pontotoc Co., MS, d. 1911 Tarrant Co., TX

BBB6  Gabriel Hubbard Hattox, b. 1835 (see CCC below)

BBB7   Martha Angeline Hattox, b. 1838 Troup Co., GA

BBB8   Rachael Henrietta Hattox, b. 1840 Troup Co., GA

BBB9   Sarah Ann Hattox, b. 1842 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1865 W. G. Jumper, Pontotoc Co., MS

BBB10  Phillip C. Hattox, b. 1845 Pontotoc Co., MS


B4        James C. Hattox

b.         1804 Harris Co., GA

m.        1st Unknown Weems?, GA

d.         Aft. 1870 Pontotoc Co., MS




B41      Martha A. Hattox, b. 1827 Harris Co., GA, m. 1855 Henry Hill, Pontotoc Co., MS

B42      Susan Hattox, b. 1828 Harris Co., GA, m. 1859 William W. Dowdy, Pontotoc Co., MS
B43      Mary ann Hattox, b. 1829 Harris Co., GA


m.        2nd Sarah E. Gilmore


B44      Amanda Hattox, b. 1831 Harris Co., GA, d. 1909 Comanche Co., TX

B45      Frances Hattox, b. 1833 Harris Co., GA, d. 1893 MS

B46      Nancy Hattox, b. 1835 Harris Co., GA, m. 1876 T. A. Ross, Pontotoc Co., MS, d.c. 1909

B47      Rachel Hattox, b. 1837 Harris Co., GA, m. 1888 J. A. Russell, Pontotoc Co., MS

B48      Elijah Clark Hattox, b. 1839 (see C4 below)

B49      Sarah Jane Hattox, b. 1843 Harris Co., GA, m. 1865 John S. Harrison, Pontotoc Co., MS

B410    Ann Hattox, b. 1845 Pontotoc Co., MS

B411    Phillip Henry Hattox, b. 1847 (see C5 below)

B412    James Butler Hattox, b. 1849 (see C6 below)

B413    Roena Louisa Hattox, b. 1857 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1871 John P. Wells, d. 1918 Comanche Co., TX

B414    Robert G. Hattox, b. 1859 Pontotoc Co., MS


B5        GABRIEL HUBBARD HATTOX (same as A8 above)2

b.         1814 Harris Co., GA

m.        1843 Martha A. E. Williams, Washington Co., TX

d.         Aft. 1880 TX




B51      Sydney P. Hattox, b.c. 1844 TX, d. 1889

B52      Charles T. Hattox, b. 1846 TX, d. aft. 1904

B53      Louisa J. Hattox, b.c. 1847 TX, d. bef. 1860

B54      George H. Hattox, b. 1850 TX, d. bef. 1860

B55      Philip C. Hattox, b. 1851 TX, m. Marguerite E. Smith, d. 1915

B56      Frank Garrett Hattox, b. 1854 TX, m. Emma L. Ankrum, d. 1927

B57      Kate Hattox, b.c. 1857 TX, m. G. W. Clark

B58      JULIUS H. “EDWARD” HATTOX, b. 1860 (see C7 below)

B59      Jefferson Davis Hattox, b.c. 1862 TX, m. Martha Davidson, d. 1905


Generation 3


C         Moses Wesley Haddock (same as B3 above)

b.         1824 Harris Co., GA

m.        c. 1847 Lavina Hopkins, Harris Co., GA





C1       Mary L. Hattox, b. 1848 Harris Co., GA

C2       Ann Hattox, b. 1851 Harris Co., GA

C3       Mozie Hattox, b. 1862 Harris Co., GA

C4       John Hattox, b. 1864 Harris Co., GA


CC       James Hattox (same as BBB2 above)

b.         1825 Harris Co., GA

m.        1851 Sarah A. E. Hunter, Pontotoc Co., MS

d.         1864 Lee Co., MS




CC1     Charles W. Hattox, b.c. 1854 Pontotoc Co., MS

CC2     Eliza G. Hattox, b.c. 1859 Pontotoc Co., MS


CCC    Gabriel Hubbard Hattox (same as BBB6 above)

b.         1835 Troupe Co., GA

m.        1859 Artemsia Ann Dowdy, Pontotoc Co., MO

c.         1862 Rutherford Co., TN




CCC1  James Henderson Hattox, b. 1859 Pontotoc Co., MS


C4        Elijah Clark Hattox (same as B48 above)

b.         1839 Harris Co., GA

m.        1873 Margaret A. Morgan, Lafayette Co., MS

d.         MS




C41      James Archibald Hattox, b. 1874 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1900 Era E. White, Pontotoc Co., MS, d. 1955 Pontotoc Co., MS

C42      Emma Irene Hattox, b. 1876 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. Dallas S. McLarty, d. bef. 1972

C43      Houston? Hattox, b.c. 1878 Pontotoc Co., MS, d. bef. 1900

C44      Zaida Amanda Hattox, b. 1880 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. Conley S. Patton, d. 1975 Shelby Co., TN

C45      Effie Elizabeth Hattox, b. 1883 Pontotoc Co., MS, d. 1968 Lauderdale Co.m MS

C46      Henry Walton Hattox    b. 1886 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. Roena H. Waldrip, d. 1972 Pontotoc Co., MS

C47      John Davis Hattox, b. 1888 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. Martha K. Patton, d. 1943 Pontotoc Co., MS

C48      Arthur Guy Hattox, b. 1891 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. Dovie H. Jackson, d. 1971 Pontotoc Co., MS

C49      Dow Festus Hattox, b. 1894 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. Willie N. Hunter, d. bef. 1972

C410    Unknown Hattox, b.c. 1896 Pontotoc Co., MS, d. bef. 1900

C411    Amelia Van Hattox, b. 1900 MS, m. J. Clarence Reeder


C5        Phillip Henry Hattox, b. 1847 (same as B411 above)

b.         1847 Pontotoc Co., MS

m.        1867 Frances E. Thornton, MS

d.         1915




C51      Ann America Hattox, b. 1869 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1885 Isaac L. Smith, Tarrant Co., TX, d. 1953 OK

C52      John Wesley Hattox, b. 1871 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1897 Estella Freeny, OK, d. 1943 Collin Co., TX

C53      Mary Ida Elizabeth Hattox, b. 1873 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1888 G. L. Mayo, Fannin Co., TX, d. 1942

C54      Baby Hattox, b.c. 1875 Pontotoc Co., MS

C55      William Dupree Hattox, b. 1878 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1907 Myrtle McLachlan, Grayson Co., TX, d. 1954 Pontotoc Co., OK

C56      Franklin James Hattox, b. 1884 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1st Faith __, 2nd Letha M. Copeland, d. 1948 Tulare Co., CA

C57      Henry Jefferson Hattox, b. 1888 Fannin Co., TX, m. 1911 Pearl Freeny, d. 1952 Trinity Co., CA


C6        James Butler Hattox, b. 1849 (same as B412 above)

b.         1849 Lafayette Co., MS

m.        1871 Permelia J. Smith

d.         1927 Comanche co., TX




C61      Nancy Safaria Isabelle Hattox, b. 1874 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1895 Robert S. McCharan, Pontotoc Co., MS, d. 1947 TX

C62      James Robert Hattox, b. 1876 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1900 Eula M. McCharen, Pontotoc Co., MS, d. 1948 Erath Co., TX

C63      Thomas Walter Hattox, b. 1879 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1901 Alma A. Hodges, TX, d. 1937 Brown Co., TX

C64      Mary Elizabeth Hattox, b. 1881 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1902 Robert Jenkins, d. 1961

C65      Jennie M. Hattox, b. 1884 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1905 Carol H. Hodges, d. 1962

C66      Bolton Elijah Mattox, b. 1885 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. Nannie V. Jenkins 1905 Commanche Co., TX, d. 1949 Haskell Co., TX

C67      Beulah Lorene Hattox, b. 1889 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. 1907 John W. Hodges, d. 1966 Ector Co., TX

C68      Bee Rush Hattox, b. 1893 Pontotoc Co., MS, m. Bessie J. Pilcher, d. 1937 McLennan Co., TX

C69      Dee Hattox, b. 1893 Pontotoc Co., MS, d. 1897 Pontotoc Co., MS


C7        JULIUS H. “EDWARD” HATTOX (same as B58 above)3

b.         1860 TX

m.        c. 1893 Jennie ____

d.         1916 KS




C71      JENNIE M. HATTOX, b. 1894 WA, m. Thomas West, d. 1952



1Paternity Documentation Moses to Gabriel:  Strong Circumstantial.  In 1880 Comal Co., TX, Gabriel said he was b. GA and his father b. SC.  In 1800 Edgefield Dist., SC, was Moses/Elijah Haddox. 

2Paternity Documentation Gabriel to Julius “Edward”:  1860 census Comal Co., TX

3Paternity Documentation Julius “Edward” to Jennie:  Death certificate of Jennie and 1910 census of Jackson Co., MO



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