b. 1785 PA


[DNA Kit 40769]


Henry’s DNA test results show one marker from an exact match to Jacob Mattocks b.c. 1750 PA {kit 46798}, Edward Mattocks b. 1774 PA {kit 42384} , and John b. 1805 PA {kit 44550} (see their pedigree charts on this website).  We do not yet know who their common ancestor is.


I believe Henry’s father was Henry Mattocks b. 1755 or before, who appeared in Cumberland Co., PA, as follows:


1776 Indictment #639, victim of theft in Fermanaugh Twp.

1787 On tax list for Milford Twp with 100 acres

1793 Obtained Land Grant #113 for 100 acres

1798 On tax list Milford Twp, Mifflin Co., HH48 with 50 acres

1800 Census Milford Twp, Mifflin Co., pg. 12/476 age 45+ with family


He may have moved to Crawford Co., PA, Fallowfield Twp, where a Henry appears 1804 to 1815.  Joseph Mattocks was there beginning 1797.  Jacob and Henry Mattocks were there prior to 1804, but I do not know how much prior.


A Henry Matlack joined the PA Militia in 1780 Chester Co., 4th Btn, Capt. Johnston’s Co. during the Revolutionary War.  Men came from surrounding counties to volunteer.


Generation 1



b.         1785 Cumberland/Mifflin/Juniata Co., PA

m.        1st c. 1808 Barbara Bitner, Mifflin Co?, PA

d.         1872 Peoria Co., IL




A1       JOHN MATTOCKS, b. 1810 (see B below)

A2       Henry Mattocks, b. 1812 (see BB below)

A3       Sarah Mattocks, b. 1815 Mifflin/Juniata Co., PA, m. 1st ___ Gish, m. 2nd Isaiah Saylor, d. 1876 NE

A4       Catharine Mattocks, b. 1817 Mifflin/Juniata Co., PA, m. Jesse Walker, d. 1864

A5       Elizabeth Ann Mattocks, b. 1835 Juniata Co., PA, d. 1844 Juniata Co., PA


m.        2nd Catherine Schreffler Wandle, Juniata Co., PA


A6       Mary Ann Matticks, b. 1847 Peoria Co., IL, m. 1st Henderson Crites, m. 2nd John Smith, d. 1931 MO

A7       Thomas Merrit Mattocks, b. 1850 (see BBB below)


Generation 2


B         JOHN MATTOCKS (same as A1 above)1

b.         1810 Mifflin/Juniata Co., PA

m.        1838 Martha Bitner, Juniata Co?, PA

d.         1881 McLean Co., IL




B1        Barbara Cordelia MTTOCKS, B. 1838 Juniata Co., PA, m. William M. Shade, d.c. 1886 IA

B2       WILLIAM HENRY MATTOCKS, b. 1842 (see C below)

B3        Martha Mattocks, b. 1850 Peoria Co., IL, m. Albert A. Richey

B4        John Calvin Mattocks, b. 1853 Peoria Co., IL, m. 1st Rachel Griggs, m. 2nd Anne B. Weston, d. 1916 IL

B5        Ellsworth Harry Mattocks, b. 1864 Peoria Co., IL, m. Susan A. Fales, d. 1928 IL


BB       Henry Mattocks (same as A2 above)

b.         1812 Mifflin/Juniata Co., PA

m.        Elizabeth McDonald

d.         1865 IN




BB1     William M. Mattocks, b. 1841 Mifflin Co., PA, d. 1883 Tippecanoe Co., IN

BB2     Angeline Mattocks, b. 1843 Mifflin Co., PA, m. 1st 1862 Nathan A. Brownlee, m. 2nd 1865 Preston B. Shipley, IN, d. 1923 Tippecanoe Co., IN

BB3     Asenath Mattocks, b. 1845 Mifflin Co., PA, m. 1866 Peter J. McCorkhill, IN, d. 1923 Tippecanoe Co., IN

BB4     Catherine Mattocks, b. 1847 Mifflin Co., PA, m. 1869 Francis D. Arnold, IN, d. 1874 Tippecanoe Co., IN

BB5     Mary M. Mattocks, b. 1850 Tippecanoe Co., IN, m. 1873 Erastus Robeson, IN, d. 1918 Tippecanoe Co., IN

BB6     Alfred Butler Mattocks, b. 1853 Tippecanoe Co., IN, d. 1886 Tippecanoe  Co., IN

BB7     Elizabeth Mattocks, b. 1855 Tippecanoe Co., IN, d. 1896 Tippecanoe Co., IN

BB8     James Franklin Mattox, b. 1857 Tippecanoe Co., IN, m. 1st 1886 Emma E. Boardman, IN, m. 2nd 1892 Minnie N. Sailor, Tippecanoe Co., IN

BB9     Edith Elizabeth Mattocks, b. 1862 Tippecanoe Co., IN, m. 1881 David C. Tucker, d. 1924 Woods Co., OK


BBB    Thomas Merrit Mattocks

b.         1850 Peoria Co., IL

m.        1st Martha R. Williams, IL

m.        2nd 1889 Amy M. Sams, IL




BBB1   Thomas Mattocks, b. 1892 Peoria Co., IL, m. 1914 Lillian Helm, IL, d. 1951 Tazewell Co., IL

BBB2   Myrtle Mattocks, b. 1893 Peoria Co., IL, m. 1919 Alex T. Skaggs, d. 1966 Peoria Co., IL

BBB3   Minnie Mattocks, b. 1896 Peoria Co., IL, m. 1921 Guy R. Mishler, d. 1980 Peoria Co., IL

BBB4   Olen Dewey Mattocks, b. 1899 Peoria Co., IL, d. 1974 Tazewell Co., IL


Generation 3


C.        WILLIAM HENRY MATTOCKS (same as B2 above)3

b.         1842 Juniata Co., PA

m.        1868 Eliza V. J. Trenton, Peoria Co., IL

d.         1908 McLean Co., IL




C1       Charles Austin Mattocks, b. 1969 Peoria Co., IL, d. 1869 IL

C2       Cora Mattocks, b. 1870 Peoria Co., IL, m. Lyman L. Davenport, d. 1951 Fresno Co., CA

C3       Harrie Edgar Mattocks, b. 1872 Peoria Co., IL, d. 1873 Peoria Co., IL

C4       J. HARMON MATTOCKS, b. 1877 (see D below)

C5       Bert Arthur Mattocks, b. 1880 IL, m. 1904 Ethel L. Oliver, d. 1946 Contra Costa Co., CA

C6       John William Mattocks, b. 1884 Peoria Co., IL, m. 1st 1907 Mellie M. Tolles, IL, m. 2nd 1919 Maude Fish, NE


Generation 4


D         J. HARMON MATTOCKS (same as C4 above)4

b.         1877 Peoria Co., IL

m.        1905 Grace  R. Steele, McLean Co., IL

d.         1926 Los Angeles Co., CA




D1       WILLIAM LEON MATTOCKS, b. 1907 Fresno Co., CA, m. 1932 Jeanne H. Lingenfelter, Los Angeles Co., CA, d. 1985 Sedona, AZ

D2       Dorothy E. Mattocks, b. 1912 Fresno Co., CA, m. 1934 Harold K. Witherell, CA




1Paternity Documentation Henry to John:  Family Bible in possession of Gladys Saylor

2Paternity Documentation John to William:  1850 and 1860 census Peoria Co., IL

3Paternity Documentation William to J. Harmon:  1880 census Peoria Co., IL

4Paternity documentation J. Harmon to William Leon:  1910 census Fresno Co., CA



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