b.c. 1805


[Kit 44550]


John’s DNA test results show one marker from an exact match to Henry Mattocks b. 1785 PA (kit 40769), and an exact match to Jacob Mattocks b.c. 1750 PA {kit 46798} and Edward Mattocks b. 1774 PA {kit 42384.)  (See their pedigree charts on this website).  We do not yet know who their common ancestor is.



Generation 1



b.         c. 1805 PA

m.        1831 Rebecca Bussey, Trumbull Co., OH

d.         1877 Williams Co., OH




A1       EDWARD BUSSEY MATTOCKS, b. 1833 (see B below)

A2       Joel Smith Mattocks, b. 1835 Trumbull Co., OH, m. Ellen Chrisman

A3       Nancy Mattocks, b.c. 1838 Trumbull Co., OH, m. John W. Cronk

A4       William Mattocks, b.c. 1839 Trumbull Co., OH, m. Isabelle Mercer

A5       Lydia Mattocks, b.c. 1841 OH, m. George Miller

A6       John L. Mattocks, b.c. 1843 OH, m. Elizabeth Acus

A7       Alexander Mattocks, b. 1847 Williams Co., OH, m. Phoebe Partee

A8       James I. Mattocks, b. 1848 Williams Co., OH, m. Pauline J. ___

A9       Elizabeth Mattocks, b. 1858 Willliams Co., OH


Generation 2


B         EDWARD BUSSEY MATTOCKS (same as A1 above)2

b.         1833 Trumbull Co., OH

m.        1st 1854 Hannah Ann Bowlby, Williams Co., OH

m.        2nd 1867 Rebecca Marihugh, Defiance Co., OH

d.         1913 OH




B1        Hannah Mattocks, b.c. 1868 OH

B2       ALBERT W. MATTOCKS, b. 1870 (see C below)

B3        Frank Henry Mattocks, b. 1873 OH

B4        Oscar E. Mattocks, b. 1877 OH


m.        1884 Amanda Smith, OH


B5        Bessie M. Mattocks, b. 1886 OH

B6        Charles E. Mattocks, b. 1888 OH


Generation 3


C         ALBERT W. MATTOCKS (same as B2 above)3

B,         1870 OH

m.        c. 1895 Emma Link, OH

d.         Aft. 1930 MI




C1       Blanche E. Mattocks, b. 1896 OH

C2       Helen r. Mattocks, b. 1898 OH

C3       Elsie Carol Mattocks, b. 1900 OH

C4       FRANK E. MATTOCKS, b.c. 1903 OH, m. 1925 Gladys B. Moore, OH, d.c. 1949 OH

C5       Noble Raymond Mattocks, b. 1905 OH

C6       Dora L. Mattocks, b. 1909 OH

C7       Velma Mattocks, b. 1912 OH




1Paternity Documentation John to Edward Bussey:  John’s Last will and testament in Williams Co., OH, 1850 census Williams Co., OH

2Paternity Documentation Edward Bussey to Albert W:  1870 and 1880 census Defiance Co., OH

3Paternity Documentation Albert W. to Frank E:  1910 census Defiance Co., OH, 1920 census Williams Co., OH



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