b.c. 1775


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Several have believed that John Maddox was a descendant of immigrant Alexander Maddux of Somerset Co., MD.  Others believed he descended from immigrant Samuel of St. Mary’s Co., MD, or even Cornelius, of Charles Co., MD.   However, DNA testing has shown he does not descend from any of them.  His test matches a large group from SC, one from VA, and one from MD.



Generation 1


A         MARK MADDOX1

b.         c. 1775

m.        Susan Hagler?

d.         1848 Tuscaloosa Co., AL




A1       Mary Maddox, b. 1800 MD?, m. 1825 William Darden, d. 1880 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

A2       Stephen Radford Maddox, b. 1805 GA, d. 1965 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

A3       JOHN MADDOX, b. 1809 (see B below)

A4       Elizabeth Maddox, b. 1809 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, m. 1st  William Marcum, 2nd 1836 Wiley Marcum

A5       Martha Helen Maddox, b. 1811 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, d. 1843


Generation 2


B.        JOHN MADDOX (same as A3 above)2

b.         1809 GA

m.        1833 Elizabeth Bonner, Troup Co., GA

d.         1877 Jefferson Co., AL




B1        Bonner Maddox, b.c. 1834


B3        Virginia Maddox, b. 1839 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

B4        Harriet Katherine Maddox, b. 1843 Tuscaloosa  Co., AL, d. 1954 Wood Co., TX

B5        Nancy Maddox, b. 1845 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

B6        George Washington C. Maddox, b. 1846 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, d. 1915 Tuscaloosa  Co., AL.

B7       Bryant Lafayette Maddox, b. 1850 Tuscaloosa  Co., AL

B8        Octavius/Octavia Freeman Maddox, b. 1855 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, m. 1873 Thomas M. Knight, Walker Co., AL, d. 1935 LA

B9        John D. Maddox, b. 1858 Tuscaloosa Co., AL


Generation 3



b.         1836 Lafayette Co., MS

m.        1st 1859 Sarah J. Norris, Tuscaloosa Co., AL

d.         1916 Tuscaloosa Co., AL




C1       Elizabeth Scott Maddox, b. 1861 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

C2       Thomas Maddox, b. 1868 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

C3       GEORGE WASHINGTON MADDOX, b. 1873 (see D below)


m.        2nd Canelia/Amelia Ann ____


C4       Marion Demps Maddox, b. 1878 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

C5       William Edward Maddox, b. 1880 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

C6       Monica J. Maddox, b. 1882 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

C7       Mattie Maddox, b. 1886 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, d. 1986 Collingsworth Co., TX

C8       Maudie Maddox, b. 1888 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, d. 1983 MS

C9       John Lafayette Maddox, b. 1891 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, d. 1976*

C10     Walker D. Maddox, b. 1893 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, d.. 1972 Collingsworth Co., TX

C11     Ruby Maddox, b.c. 1895 Tuscaloosa Co., AL


Generation 4


D         GEORGE WASHINGTON MADDOX (same as C3 above)4

b.         1873 Tuscaloosa Co., AL

m.        Mary A. Woolridge Osceola, TX

d.         1948 Hill Co., TX




D1       Elizabeth Viola Maddox, b. 1896 Limestone Co., TX, m. 1915 Charles A. Moser, Dawson Co., TX, d. 1984

D2       Alvin Lafayette Maddox, b. 1897 Limestone Co., TX, d. 1946 Mahul, ND

D3       Beulah Gertrude Maddox, b. 1899 Limestone Co., TX, m. 1st Grady Wells, 2nd Jim McCauley, 3rd 1917 Ed Graves

D4       Thomas Marion Maddox, b. 1901 Limestone Co., TX, d. 1974

D5       John Scott Maddox, b. 1902 Limestone Co., TX, d. 1965

D6       Ruth Maddox, b. 1904 Limestone Co., TX, d. 1904 Limestone Co., TX

D7       SEABORN DEAL MADDOX b. 1909 Limestone Co., TX, m. 1934 Mildred I. Bairington, d. 1977 Dallas Co., TX.





1Paternity Documentation Mark to John:  Will of Mark dated 02/17/1848, WB I, page 23, Tuscaloosa Co., AL


2Paternity Documentation John to Bryant:  Bryant’s birth certificate.  1860 census Tuscaloosa Co., AL.  A family photo showing Bryant with brothers John and Bonner (their mother’s maiden name).   


3Paternity Documentation Bryant to George W:  1880 census Tuscaloosa Co., AL  Also written statement of John Lafayette Jr. listing Bryant Lafayette “Lafe” as his grandfather.  Statement by same saying his Aunt Mattie cared for her father in Alabama until he died.  See B9 above.


4Paternity Documentation George W. to Seaborn Deal:  1910 and 1920 census Limestone Co., TX.



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