b. 1737


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It is believed that the father of James was James b. 1694 and d. 1766 in Hartford Co., CT. 


Thus far I do not have a link between James who lived his entire life in Hartford Co., CT, with proposed father Samuel who lived his entire life in Boston, MA., as shown next:  Some believe James Sr’s  father was Samuel b. 1659 and d. 1710 Boston, Middlesex Co., MA.  He is the proven son of Samuel b. 1625 and d. 1695 Boston, Middlesex Co., MA.  And he is the proven son of James b. 1605 ENG.



Generation 1



b.         1737 Hartford Co., CT

m.        1756 Litchfield Co., CT

d.         1810 Monroe Co., NY




A1       James Mattocks, b.c. 1757 Litchfield Co., CT

A6       Sarah Mattocks, b.c. 1759 Litchfield Co., CT

A7       Edna Mattocks, b.c. 1761 Litchfield Co., CT

A2       John Mattocks, b. 1765 Litchfield Co., CT

A3       Lucy Mattocks, b.c. 1767 Litchfield Co., CT

A4       Anne Mattocks, b. 1769 Litchfield Co., CT

A5       JAMES MATTOCKS, b. 1770 (see B below)


A8       Ichabod Mattocks, b. 1775 (see BB below)

A9       Sally Mattocks, b.c. 1777 Litchfield Co., CT

A10     Theodosia Mattocks, b.c. 1781 Litchfield Co., CT


Generation 2


B         JAMES MATTOCKS (same as A5 above)6

b.         1769 Litchfield Co., CT

m.        c. 1792 Abigail Taylor, NY?

d.         1858 Bradford Co., PA




B1        Sally R. Mattocks, b. 1793, Washington Co., NY?

B2       James Mattocks, b. 1796, Washington Co., NY (see C below)

B3        Samuel P. Mattocks, b. 1799 Washington Co., NY

B4       CHARLES MATTOCKS, b. 1802 (see CC below)

B5       Walter Mattocks, b. 1806 (see CCC below)

B6        John W. Mattocks, b. 1808 Bradford Co., PA

B7        Abigail Mattocks, b.c. 1810 Bradford Co., PA


BB       Ichabod Mattocks (same as A8 above)

b.         1775 Litchfield Co., CT

m.        1801 Eunice Burlingame, Vermont

d.         1833 Allegany Co., NY




BB1     Icabod Mattocks b. 1802 VT?

BB2     James Mattocks, b. 1806 VT

BB3     Laura Mattocks, b. 1807 VT

BB4     John Mattocks, b. 1811 VT

BB5     Mary Mattocks, b. 1810 VT

BB6     Truman Mattocks b. 1812 VT

BB7     Sally Mattocks b. 1814 VT

BB8     Samuel Mattocks b. 1816 VT

BB9     Abel Burlingame Mattocks b. 1819 Wyoming Co., NY

BB10   Erwin Edwin Mattocks, b. 1820 VT


Generation 3


C         James Mattocks (same as B2 above)

b.         1796 Washington Co., NY

m.        Isabel

d.         Aft. 1880 Bradford Co., PA




C1       Nathaniel Mattocks, b. 1822 (see D below)

C2       Laura Mattocks, b. 1827 Bradford Co., PA


CC       CHARLES MATTOCKS (same as B4 above)7

b.         1802 Washington Co., NY

m.        Sarah ____, Bradford Co., PA

d.         Aft. 1860 Bradford Co., PA




CC1     ASA B. MATTOCKS, b. 1836 (see DD below)

CC2     Elnora Mattocks, b. 1839 Bradford Co., PA

CC3     Celinda Mattocks, b. 1842 Bradford Co., PA

CC4     Calvin Mattocks, b. 1844 Bradford Co., PA

CC5     Ladora Mattocks, b. 1846 Bradford Co., PA

CC6     Helen Mattocks, b. 1849 Bradford Co., PA

CC7     Maria C. Mattocks, b. 1850 Bradford Co., PA


CCC    Walter Mattocks (same as B5 above)

b.         1806 Bradford Co., PA

m.        Caroline ___

d.         Aft. 1860 Bradford Co., PA




CCC1  Elizabeth Mattocks, b. 1831 Bradford Co., PA

CCC2  Walter P. Mattocks b.c. 1833 Bradford Co., PA

CCC3  Wallace Mattocks, b. 1835 or 1830 (see DDD below)


Generation 4


D         Nathaniel Mattocks (same as C1 above)

b.         1832 Bradford Co., PA

m.        Elizabeth

d.         Aft. 1870 Bradford Co., PA




D1       Frank Mattocks, b. 1864 Bradford Co., PA


DD      ASA B. MATTOCKS (same as CC1 above)8

b.         1836 Bradford Co., PA

m.        Jane E. _____ Bradford Co., PA

d.         1877 Bradford Co., PA




DD1     Charles Mattocks, b. 1867 Bradford Co., PA

DD2    FRED CLARENCE MATTOCKS, b. 1868 (see E below)

DD3     Ellie Mattocks, b. 1873 Bradford Co., PA

DD4     Ettie Mattocks, b. 1876 Bradford Co., PA


DDD   Wallace P. Mattocks (same as CCC3 above)

b.         1835 or 1830 Bradford Co., PA

m.        Esther

d.         Aft. 1880




DDD1  Carrie Mattocks, b. 1868 Bradford Co., PA

DDD2 Ray A. Mattocks, b. 1872 (see EE below)


Generation 5


E          FRED CLARENCE MATTOCKS (same as DD2 above)9

b.         1868 Bradford Co., PA

m.        Ethel _________ Bradford Co., PA

d.         1941 Bradford Co., PA




E1        Clyde A. Mattocks, b. 1902 Bradford Co., PA

E2        Earl F. Mattocks, b. 1905 Bradford Co., PA

E3        Frederic J. Mattocks, b. 1909 Bradford Co., PA

E4        Orton I. Mattocks, b. 1913 Bradford Co., PA

E5        Edwin Mattocks, b. 1916 Bradford Co., PA

E6        GERALD WILLIAM MATTOCKS (see F below)


EE       Ray A. Mattocks (same as DDD2 above)

b.         1872 Bradford Co., PA

m.        Bertha

d.         Aft. 1910




EE1      Ruth Mattocks, b. 1896 Bradford Co., PA

EE2      Clay Mattocks, b. 1900 Bradford Co., PA



Generation 6


F          GERALD WILLIAM MATTOCKS (same as E6 above)

            1920 Bradford Co., PA

m.        _____ Bradford Co., PA

d.         1999 Bradford Co., PA




4Paternity Documentation James to James b. 1737:  James Mattocks was in CT’s 1st and 2nd Reg’ts during the French and Indian War of 1755-1762.  James b. 1737 would have been 18 years old.  Father James was b. 1694, so would have been 61.  We know that James b. 1694 was in CT during that period of time because his name is found _______________________ 

5Paternity Documentation James to James b. 1769:  In 1850 Bradford Co., PA, James 81, said he was born in CT. The 1790 census of CT includes only three possible Mattockses:  Dorcas Matson of Hartford, Jon’a Mordock of Tollard, and JAMES MATLOCKS of Litchfield.  James Matlocks has 3 males over 16 and none under, plus two females.  James b. 1769 was 21 in this census and not yet married.  See 1790 census CT, Litchfield, Litchfield Co., pg. 379, line 33.

6Paternity Documentation James  to Charles:  Will filed in Bradford Co., PA, and probated 1858.  Also 1850 census Bradford Co., PA, James in Charles’ household.

7Paternity Documentation Charles to Asa B:  1850 and 1860 census Bradford Co., PA

8Paternity Documentation Asa B. to Fred Clarence:  1870 census Bradford Co., PA

9Paternity Documentation Fred Clarence to Gerald William:  1930 census Bradford Co., PA


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