b.c. 1730


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Although Daniel’s grandsons were in Crawford Co., PA, he is not a DNA match with other Mattockses in that county.  This is a new line.  Daniel’s roots in New Jersey indicate a possible major part in the American Revolution since George Washington’s headquarters were there.



Generation 1



b.         c. 1730  New Jersey (?)

m.        c. 1755, Prudence

d.         Pennsylvania




A1       Richard Mattocks, b.c. 1756 Sussex Co., NJ or VA,    m. Mary Kline.

A2       PETER MATTOCKS, b.c. 1758 (see B below)

A3       Daughter Mattocks, b.c. 1761 Sussex Co., NJ

A4       JOSEPH MATTOCKS, b.c. 1765 (see BB below)


Generation 2


B.        PETER MATTOCKS (same as A2 above)2a

b.         c. 1758   Sussex Co., NJ

m.        c. 1785 Jane

d.         1842   Crawford Co, PA




B1        Jane Mattocks, b.c. 1786

B2        Nancy Mattocks, b.c. 1789

B3        Peggy Mattocks, b.c. 1792

B4        John Mattocks, b.c. 1795

B5       SAMUEL MATTOCKS, b.c. 1798 (see C below)


BB       JOSEPH MATTOCKS (same as A4 above)2b

b.         c. 1765 Sussex Co., NJ

m.        c. 1789 Barbara Streight

d.         1845 Mercer Co., PA




BB1     William Mattocks, b. 1790 PA

BB2     Mary Mattocks, b. 1793 PA

BB3     Sarah Mattocks, b. 1796 PA

BB4     Robert Mattocks, b. 1799 PA

BB5     Eli Mattocks, b. 1802 Mercer Co., PA

BB6     Elizabeth Mattocks, b. 1806 PA

BB7     MOSES MATTOCKS, b. 1810 (see CC below)



Generation 3


C.        SAMUEL MATTOCKS (same as B5 above)3a

b.         c. 1798   Crawford C., PA

m.        c. 1825 Mary Gaskill

d.         1870 Crawford Co., PA




C1       William Mattocks, b.c.  1826  Crawford Co, PA

C2       Maria Mattocks, b.c. 1829 Crawford Co., PA

C3       Morgan Mattocks, b.c.  1832  Crawford Co, PA

C4       Ursala Mattocks, b.c. 1835   Crawford Co, PA

C5       SAMUEL EXTIL MATTOCKS, b. 1838 (see D below)

C6       John Mattocks, b.c.  1841  Crawford Co, PA

C7       Samantha L. Mattocks, b. 1844   Crawford Co, PA,    m. John H. Anderson

C8       Lucy Mattocks, b. 1848  Crawford Co, PA


CC       MOSES MATTOCKS (same as BB7 above)3b

b.         1810 prob. Crawford Co., PA

m.        c. 1838 Margaret

d.         1884 Wayne Co., IA




CC1     Henry Clark Mattocks, b. 1839 Mercer Co., PA

CC2     Elizabeth Mattocks, b.c. 1842 PA

CC3     Joseph Mattocks, b.c. 1845 PA

CC4     James Mattocks, b. 1847 PA

CC5     Mary E. Mattocks, b.c. 1850 IN

CC6     Margaret J. Mattocks, b. 1852 IA, m. Elza M. Sager

CC7     MOSES FINLEY MATTOCKS, b. 1852 (see DD below)


Generation 4


D.        SAMUEL EXTIL MATTOCKS (same as C5 above)4a

b.         1838   Crawford Co, PA

m.        1868    Abigail Clarinda Grinnell

d.         1906   Crawford County, PA




D1       Lucinda May Mattocks, b. 1866 Crawford Co, PA; m. John W. Anthony

D2       Samantha Mattocks, b. 1868 Crawford Co, PA

D3       Andrew Mattocks, b. 1871 Crawford Co, PA

D4       David Stillman Mattocks, b. 1873 Crawford Co, PA

D5       Sylvia Etta Mattocks, b. 1875 Crawford Co, PA; m. Lloyd A. Peterson

D6       LEWIS ALDEN MATTOCKS  b. 1878 (see E below)

D7       Lemuel Calvin Mattocks, b. 1881  Crawford Co, PA

D8       Prossy Mattocks, b. 1887  Crawford Co, PA


DD      MOSES FINLEY MATTOCKS (same as CC7 above)4b

b.         1852 Fayette Co., IA

m.        1875 Sarah A. McAnally, Wayne Co., IA

d.         1921 Chautauque Co., KS




DD1     Charles E. Mattocks, b. 1876 Wayne Co., IA

DD2     William Mattocks, b. 1877 Wayne Co., IA

DD3    GEORGE ERVIN MATTOCKS, b. 1879 (see EE below)

DD4     Cora E. Mattocks, b. 1882 KS

DD5     Acie Allen Mattocks, b. 1884 KS

DD6     Nellie Mattocks, b. 1886 Chautauqua Co., KS, m. Elmer Stevens

DD7     Alta Mae Mattocks, b. 1890 Chautauqua Co., KS, m. Ward Craig

DD8     Stillborn son Mattocks, b. 1896, d. 1896

DD9     Harold Orlando Mattocks, b. 1897


Generation 5


E.         LEWIS ALDEN MATTOCKS  (same as D6 above)5a

b.         1878 Crawford Co, PA

m.        1910 Flossie M. Mook, Crawford Co, PA

d.         1959 Crawford Co, PA




E1        Archie Virgil Mattocks, b. 1908 Crawford Co., PA

E2        EDWIN ODELL MATTOCKS, Sr., b. 1910 Crawford Co., PA, m. 1936 Charleen Rohleder, Crawford Co., PA, d. 1964 Crawford Co., PA



EE       GEORGE ERVIN MATTOCKS (same as DD3 above)5b

b.         1879 Wayne Co., IA

m.        1905 Cora B. Comer, Chautauqua Co., KS

d.         1968 Chautauqua Co., KS




EE1      Edith Lucille Mattocks, b.l 1906 KS, m. Nile D. Napier

EE2      Ruby Pearl Mattocks, b. 1907 KS, m. Lloyd C. Warring

EE3     ALBIA THOMAS MATTOCKS, b. 1910 Chautauqua Co., KS, m. 1932 Eulalia Johnson, Morris Co., KS, d. 1977 Yakima Co., WA

EE4      Evelyn Pauline Mattocks, b. 1915 KS, m. Edmund Williamson, d. 2005 Hamilton Co., KS

EE        Living Daughter b. 1921 KS





1 Paternity Documentation Daniel to Peter and Joseph:  Family Bible of Joseph Mattocks copyrighted ____________ and in possession of _____________ shows Daniel & Prudence Mattocks as Joseph’s parents.   Revolutionary War Documents show Joseph, Peter & Richard Mattocks as brothers.  Hence, Daniel is father of Peter.


2a Paternity Documentation Peter to Samuel:   Peter's Last Will & Testament, Crawford County, PA, 1842

2b Paternity Documentation Joseph to Moses:  Family Bible of Joseph Mattocks noted above


3a Paternity Documentation Samuel to Samuel:  1850 & 1860 censuses, Greenwood Twp, Crawford Co, PA

3b Paternity Documentation Moses to Moses Finley:  1860 census Putnam Co., MO, and 1870 census Wayne Co., IA


4a Paternity Documentation Samuel to Lewis:  1880 & 1900 censuses Greenwood Twp, Crawford Co, PA

4b Paternity Documentation Moses Finley to George Ervin:  1880 census Wayne Co., IA, 1900 census Chautauqua Co., KS


5a Paternity Documentation Lewis to Edwin:  1920 census, Union Twp, Crawford Co, PA

5b  Paternity Documentation George Ervin to Albia Thomas:  1920 & 1930 census Chautauqua Co., KS



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