b. 1781 MD



[DNA Kit #53302]


Previously, some believed that Richard Maddox was a descendant of Notley Warren Maddox of Charles Co., MD, and who lived for awhile in Wilkes Co., GA.  However, his Y-DNA does not match that of a proven descendant of Notley Warren (Kit 31294).  George’s DNA matches several Maddoxes from the Abbeville, SC, area, one from Virginia, and one from Maryland



Generation 1



b.         1781 MD

m.        1805 Martha Kendricks, Wilkes Co., GA

d.         1822 Wilkes Co., GA




A1       Nancy Maddox, b.c. 1807 Wilkes Co., GA, m.c.1822 Allen T. Garrard, Wilkes Co., GA, d.c. 1889 Wilkes Co., GA

A3       Rebecca Maddox, b. 1810 Wilkes Co., GA, m. 1827 Martin D. Wheelis, Morgan Co., GA, d. 1887 Meriwether Co., GA

A4       Thomas Maddox, b. 1813 Wilkes Co., GA, m. 1833 Minerva W. Wheelis, Morgan Co., GA, d. 1892 Muscogee Co., GA

A2       Sarah Maddox, b. 1815 Wilkes Co., GA, m. 1830 Reuben L. Wheeless, Morgan Co., GA, d. 1901 Nevada Co., AR

A5       John R. Maddox, b. 1818 Wilkes Co., GA, m. 1839 Ailey M. Harlan, Coweta Co., GA, d. 1899 White Co., AR

A6       GEORGE W. MADDOX, b. 1819 (see B below)


Generation 2


B         GEORGE W. MADDOX (same as A6 above)2

b.         1819 Wilkes Co., GA

m.        1838 Martha E. Johnston, Merriweather Co., GA

d.         1892 White Co., AR




B1        Richard D. Maddox, b. 1840 Merriweather Co., GA, d. 1863

B2        Margaret L. Maddox, b. 1842 Merriweather Co.,� GA, m. 1859 James Jarrell, Chambers Co., AL

B3        John T. Maddox, b. 1844 Merriweather Co., GA, d. 1849

B4        Stephen Bascom Maddox, b. 1846 Merriweather Co., GA, d. 1856 Chamber Co., AL

B5        Georgianna R. Maddox, b. 1850 Merriweather Co., GA, m. 1870 A. J. Hammonds, White Co., AR

B6        Martha S. Maddox, b. 1852 Chambers Co., AL, m. 1871 Joseph W. Harlan, White Co., AR, d. 1910 White Co., AR

B7        James L. Maddox, b. 1854 Chambers Co., AL, d. 1856 Chambers Co., AL

B8       WILLIAM S. MADDOX, b. 1856 (see C below)

B9        Seaborn B. Maddox, b. 1858 Chambers Co., AL, m. 1st Angie Jones, m. 2nd 1887 S. A. Patterson, White Co., AR, d. 1941 Knox Co., TX

B10      Benjamin F. Maddox, b. 1861 Chambers Co., AL

B11      Nancy N. Maddox, b. 1862 Chambers Co., AL, m. 1881 J. W. Nelson, White Co., AR, d. 1921 Curry Co., NM

B12      Ruth P. Maddox, b. 1865 Chambers Co., AL, m. 1880 B. L. Patterson, White Co., AR


Generation 3


C         WILLIAM S. MADDOX (same as B8 above)3

b.         1856 Chambers Co., AL

m.        1877 Laurah V. Lay, Van Buren Co., AR

d.         1930 Briscoe Co., TX




C1       Cora V. Maddox, b. 1878 Van Buren Co., AR, m. 1895 Emory B. Stephens, Fannin Co., TX, d. 1967 Tom Green Co., TX

C2       GEORGE A. MADDOX, b. 1881 (see D below)

C3       Mattie M. Maddox, b. 1884 Van Buren Co., AR, m. 1909 W. E. Felix Bass, Runnels Co., TX

C4       Felix Maddox, b.c. 1887 Van Buren Co., AR

C5       Bennie B. Maddox, b. 1889 Van Buren Co., AR, m. 1st McLain, m. 2nd H. F. Watson, TX

C6       Ruth G. Maddox, b. 1893 TX, m. 1st Floyd Jones, m. 2nd 1927 D. Crockett Emery, d. 1987 Wood Co., TX

C7       Edna N. Maddox, b. 1894 White Co., AR, m. 1912 Willis J. Poe, Runnels Co., TX, d. 1972 Reeves Co., TX

C8       Vernon T. Maddox, b. 1896 Fannin Co., TX, m. 1924 Grace M. Oler, Cottle Co., TX, d. 1975 Tom Green Co., TX

C9       Clem S. Maddox, b. 1899 Fannin Co., TX, d. 1900 Fannin Co., TX

C10     Minnie L. Maddox, b. 1901 Hunt Co., TX, m. 1st 1921 Roy L. Myers, Knox Co., TX, m.2nd 1926 Coy D. Lewis, Knox Co., TX, d. 1984 Yakima Co., WA


Generation 4


D         GEORGE A. MADDOX (same as C2 above)4

b.         1881 Van Buren Co., AR

m.        c. 1909 Dola Faye

d.         1936 Tom Green Co., TX




1Paternity Documentation Richard to George W, Sarah Ann & other children:   April 5, 1827, Orphans of Richard Mattox in GA Lottery Drawing in Wilkes Co. for Lot 206 in Carroll Co.

1839 in Meriwether Co., GA, John R, George Mattox  & Sarah Mattox’s husb. Reuben Wheelis, sold to Thomas Mattox Lot 206 in Carroll Co. 

1841 in Meriwether Co., GA, Thomas Mattox sold Lot 206 in Carroll Co. to Rebecca Mattox’s husband, Martin Wheelis.


2Paternity Documentation George W. to William S: 1860 census Chambers Co., AL

3Paternity Documentation William S. to George A: 1900 census Fannin Co., TX



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