b.c. 1778


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Fought in Rev. War with General Francis (“Swamp Fox”) Marion in South Carolina.  Settled in Tennessee Co., NC (later Montgomery Co., TN) in 1774.  Had a land grant of 200 acres in Green Co., KY, that had been surveyed 11/8/1798.  Had other land in Montgomery/Stewart Co., TN


George Maddox b. 1742 Charles Co., MD, and d.c. 1800 Fauquier Co., VA, is believed to be the father of Tapley (see www geocities.com/maddoxgenealogy).  George Jr. had a son Tapley b. 1821 Fleming Co., KY.  Was George’s wife a Tapley? 

This is the Cornelius Maddox line of MD.



Generation 1



b.         c. 1778 Fauquier Co., VA

m.        1805 Elizabeth Lyons, Montgomery/Stewart Co., TN

d.         1815 Stewart Co., TN




A1       TAPLEY MARMADUKE MADDUX, b. 1806 (see B below)

A2       Frances Lyon Maddux, b. 1809 Stewart Co., TN, m. 1st c.1830 Daniel Curtis, 2nd 1843 Joel Crittenden, d. 1880 Graves Co., KY

A3       Elizabeth Maddux, b.c. 1811 Stewart Co., TN, m. __ Burton, d. Graves Co., KY


Generation 2


B         TAPLEY MARMADUKE MADDUX (same as A1 above)2

b.         1806 Stewart Co., TN

m.        1832 Rhoda Ann Dunbar, TN

d.         1852 Stewart Co., TN




B1        Pernetta P. Maddux, b. 1833 Stewart Co., TN, m. 1858 Dennis Rushing, Stewart Co., TN, d. 1889 __________Co. (Newman), OK

B2        Joseph Marmaduke Maddox, b. 1837 Stewart Co., TN, m. Parlina T. Maddux

B3       Thomas Andrew Maddux, b. 1840 (see C below)

B4        Mary Maddux, b. 1843 Stewart Co., TN

B5        Sarah Maddux, b. 1845 Stewart Co., TN

B6       TAPLEY BAILESS MADDUX, b. 1849 (see CC below)


Generation 3


C         Thomas Andrew Maddux (same as B3 above)

b.         1840 Stewart Co., TN

m.        ___ Leathy





C1       Joseph Marmaduke Maddux, b. ____, m. Nancy ________


CC       TAPLEY BAILESS MADDUX (same as B6 above)3

b.         1849 Stewart Co., TN

m.        1873 Wasson A. McBrayer, Denton Co., TX

d.         1888 Hunt Co., TX




CC1     Jesse Arris Maddux, b. 1877 (see D below)

CC2     Albert Lee Maddux, b. 1879 (see DD below)

CC3     Alzabee Maddux, b. 1883 Wise Cfo., TX, m. John S. McDaniels, d. 1968 Wise Co., TX

CC4     Perry Oliver Maddux, b. 1885 (see DDD below)

CC5     TAPLEY BAILESS MADDUX, 1888 (see D4 below)


Generation 4


D.        Jesse Arris Maddux (same as CC1 above)

b.         1877 Wise Co., TX

m.        1898 Ollie Fitzgerald

d.         1960 Chaves Co., NM




D1       Henry Bailess Maddux, b. 1890 Wise Co., TX, d.c. 1956 Bernalillo Co., NM


DD      Albert Lee Maddux (same as CC2 above)

b.         1879 Wise Co., TX

m.        Mattie S. Pewitt, Wise Co., TX

d.         1963 Wise Co., TX




DD1     Carl Maddux, b. 1908, Wise Co., TX, d. 1960 Potter Co., TX

DD2     Ruth Maddux, b. 1908 Gray Co., TX

DD3     Tapley Joseph Maddux, b. 1910 Wise Co., TX, d. 1969

DD4     Aubrey Maddux, b. 1911 Wise Co., TX, d. 1944 FRANCE

DD5     Martha B. Maddux, b. 1915 Wise Co., TX, d. 1995 Wise Co., TX

DD6     Mattie Evelyn Maddux, b. 1917 Wise Co., TX


DDD   Perry Oliver Maddux (same as CC4 above)

b.         1885 Wise Co., TX

m.        Amanda McDaniels

d.         1931




DDD1  Alvy Maddux, b. 1914, d. 1990

DDD2  Woodroe P. Maddux, b. 1917, d. 1982

DDD3  Hubert Perry Maddux, b. 1919, d. 1968

DDD4  Gerald Maddux, b. 1921, d. 1969

DDD5  Denver Maddux, b. 1927, d. 1995


D4        TAPLEY BAILESS MADDUX (same as CC5 above)4

b.         1888 Wise Co., TX

m.        1910 Fanny M. Phillips, Commanche Co., OK Terr.

d.         1965 Sierra Co., NM




D41     Infant Maddux, b. 1911 Wise Co., TX, d. 1934 Wise Co., TX

D42     Fred Monroe Maddux, b. 1913 Wise Co., TX, d. 1934 Wise Co., TX

D43     Earl Maddux, b. 1914 Wise Co., TX, d. 1977 Wise Co., TX

D44     Roy Everitt Maddux, b. 1917 Wise Co., TX

D45     Mildred Maddux, b. 1920 Wise Co., TX, d. 2004 Potter Co., TX




1Paternity Documentation Tapley to Tapley Marmaduke:  Will of Tapley Sr. 1815 Stewart Co., TN, WB 1, Pg. 79.

2Paternity Documentation Tapley to Tapley Bailess:  1850 & 1860 census Stewart Co., TN

3Paternity Documentation Tapley Bailess to Tapley Bailess:  1900 census of Wise Co., TX, shows Tapley Jr. with widowed mother, and some of the same older children as in the 1880 census when Tapley Sr. was still alive.  Also Tapley Jr’s Death Certificate



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