b.c. 1758


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The will of Nathan Maddox’s father-in-law is registered in Charles Co., MD (WB A1-10, 1788-1791, pg. 537, Stephen Robey), and lists his daughter Micheal Maddox and son-in-law Nathan Maddox.  Some have believed that Nathan was son of James and brother of Ignatius found in Charles Co., MD, and Miami Co., OH.  James’ will of 1798 in Charles Co., MD, designates that Nathan continue in James’ home and take care of little brother John until John becomes 21, at which time he would turn the home over to John.  Ignatius left a will in Miami Co., OH, contents unknown.


DNA of this line does not match that of Alexander as some had thought it would, despite the ux spelling.  It does match immigrant Samuel of St. Mary’s Co., MD, a few of whom moved to Charles Co., MD.


Generation 1



A         NATHAN[IEL] MADDUX (same as E1 above)7

b.         c. 1758 MD

m.        1781 Michelle Robey, Anne Arundel & Prince Georges Co., MD (registered in both counties)

d.         1829 Montgomery Co., OH




A1       Anna Maddux, b.c. 1782  Fauquier Co., VA, m. ____ Anderson

A2       Elizabeth Maddux, b.c. 1784 Fauquier Co., VA

A3       Mary Maddux, b.c. 1786 Fauquier Co., VA

A4       JOHN W. MADDUX, b. 1788 (see B below)

A5       Sarah Maddux, b.c. 1790 Charles Co., MD

A6       CHLOE MADDUX, b. 1792 Fauquier Co., VA, m. 1812 Jacob Arnold, Montgomery Co., OH, d. 1868 Miami Co., OH

A7       Rebecca Maddux b.c. 1794 Fauquier Co., VA


Generation 2


B.        JOHN W. MADDUX (same as A4 above)2

b.         1788 Fauquier Co., VA

m.        1816 Catherine Arnold, Montgomery Co., OH

d.         1864 Wells Co., IN




B1        James Maddux, b. 1817 Miami Co., IN, d. 1893

B2       Jacob Maddux, b. 1818 (see C below)

B3       David Maddux, b. 1820 (see CC below)

B4        Simon Maddux, b. 1821 Miami Co., IN, d. 1906 Wells Co., IN

B5       Henry Maddux, b. 1823 OH (see CCC below) 

B6       William Maddux, b. 1825 (see C4 below)

B7       JOHN WESLEY MADDUX, b. 1827 (see C5 below)

B8       Nathan H. Maddux, b. 1829 (see H6 below)

B9        Mary Maddux, b. 1834 Wells Co., IN

B10      Catharine Maddux, b. 1837 Wells Co., IN, m. 1854 Samuel Logan, Wells Co., IN


Generation 3


C         Jacob Maddox (same as B2 above)

b.         1818 Miami Co., OH

m.        1842 Anna Evans, Miami Co., OH

d.         1884 Wells Co., IN




C1       John N. Maddux, b. 1843 Wells Co., IN

C2       Martha J. Maddux, b. 1845 Wells Co., IN

C3       Catherine Maddux, b. 1848 Wells Co., IN

C4       Sarah Maddux, b. 1852 Wells Co., IN

C5       Alice Anne Maddux, b. 1858 Wells Co., IN


CC       David Maddux (same as B3 above)

b.         1820 Montgomery Co., OH

m.        Ellen R. Carroll

d.         1884 Huntington Co., IN




CC1     Henry L. Maddux, b. 1852 Huntington Co., IN


CCC    Henry Maddux (same asB5 above)

b.         1823 Montgomery Co., IN

m.        1st 1849 Elizabeth  Conklin, Wells Co., IN

d.         1872




CCC1  Frances A. Maddux, b.c. 1850 IN

CCC2  James Maddux, b. 1852 IN

CCC3  Mary Jane Maddux, b.c. 1854 IN


m.        2nd 1860 Lydia A. Sparks


CCC4  Amos Maddux, b. 1861 IN

CCC5  Eli Wilson Maddux, b. 1864 IN

CCC6  Lemon Finley Maddux, b. 1866 IN

CCC7  Ira Maddux, b. 1870 IN

CCC8  Roberta Maddux, b. 1870 IN


C4           William Maddux (same as B6 above)

b.         1825 Miami Co., OH

m.        1852 Adeline Haflich, Wells Co., IN

d.         1865 Davidson Co., TN




C41      Sarah Jane Maddux, b. 1855 Wells Co., IN

C42      Samuel Maddux, b. 1857 Wells Co., IN

C43      Mary Ann Maddux, b. 1860 IN

C44      Emanuel Maddux, b. 1862 IN

C45      Eli W. Maddux, b. 1865 IN     


C5        JOHN WESLEY MADDUX (same as B7 above)

b.         1827 Wells Co., IN

m.        1st Catherine Miller, Wells Co., IN

d.         1897 Wells Co., IN




C51      Rebecca Ellen Maddux, b. 1850 Wells Co., IN

C52      Jacob Calvin Maddux, b. 1853 (see D below)

C53      William Edward Maddux, b. 1856 (see DD below)

C54      Nathan Henry Maddux, b. 1857 MO


m.        2nd Sarah E. Holcomb, Wells Co., IN


C55      Charlotte Maddux, b. 1863 Wells Co., IN

C56      Andrew Maddux, b. 1864 Wells Co., IN

C57      Levi Maddux, b. 1866 Wells Co., IN

C58      Nola Cornelia Maddux, b. 1868 Wells Co., IN

C59      ARCHIBALD MADDUX, b. 1870 (see DDD below)


C6        Nathan H. Maddux (same as B8 above)

b.         1829 Miami Co., OH

m.        1852 Elizabeth Heckman, Wells Co., IN

d.         1912 Wells Co., IN




C61      Harrison Maddux, b. 1858 Wells Co., IN


Generation 4


D         Jacob Calvin Maddux (same as C52 above)

b.         1854 Wells Co., IN

m.        1876 Sarah Broner





C1       Sarah L. Maddux, b. 1877 Wells Co., IN

C2       William Maddux, b. 1879 Wells Co., IN

C3       Unknown

C4       Rosette Maddux, b. 1888 Wells Co., IN

C5       Homer Maddux, b. 1891 Wells Co., IN

C6       Mary Maddux, b. 1896 Wells Co., IN


DD      William Edward Maddux (same as C58 above)

b.         1867 Wells Co., IN

m.        1880 Jennie Crosbie

d.         1817 Wells Co., IN     




DD1     Thomas Maddux, b. 1880 Wells Co., IN

DD2     Agnes Maddux, b. 1886 Wells Co., IN

DD3     Eila Maddux, b. 1889 Wells Co., IN

DD4     Harold Dwight Maddux, b. 1899 Wells Co., IN, m. 1921 Zella L. Hunt, d. 1971 Monroe Co., MI



DDD   ARCHIBALD MADDUX (same as C510 above)

b.         1870 Wells Co., IN

m.        1899 Arminda Reynolds, Wells Co., IN

d.         1954 Decatur Co., IN




DDD1  Harold Maddux, b. 1900 Wells Co., IN, d. 1917 MI

DDD2  Dorothy Maddux, b. 1902 Wells Co., IN, m. 1st Harold Nash, 2nd Arthur __, d. 1979 Wayne Co., IN

DDD3  Mary Lucille Maddux, b. 1906 Wells Co., IN.

DDD4  Naomi Maddux, b. 1908 Wells Co., IN, m. Emerald Cousino, d. 1982

DDD5 DAVID JAY MADDUX, b. 1910 Fall River Co., SD, m. Hazel M. Boitnott, d. 1948 Monroe Co., MI

DDD6  Thelma Maddux, b. 1913 Fall River Co., SD, m. Ernest Wenger, d. 1973

DDD7  Grace Ellen Maddux, b. 1916 Wells Co., IN, d. 1916 Wells Co., IN

DDD8  Elroy Maddux, b. 1917 Wells Co., IN, d. 1979

DDD9  Robert Laverne Maddux, b. 1919 Wells Co., IN, m. Mary Dutt, d. 1987 Monroe Co., MI




1Paternity Documentation Nathan[iel] to Chloe & John:  Will Book B, pg. 77, August 19,1829, Montgomery Co., OH

2Paternity Documentation John to John Wesley:  Wells Family Bible copied on the Wells Co., IN, genealogy website, listing full birth and death dates.  Owner and copyright unknown.

3Paternity Documentation John Wesley to Archibald:  1870 census Wells Co., IN

4Panternity Documentation Archibald to David Jay:  1910 census Fall River Co., SD, and 1920 census Wells Co., IN



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Nathan being the son of Quaker Joseph of Chester Co., PA, and Wrightsboro, GA, with a daughter Chloe,  was eliminated because (1) There were two Nathans in Miami Co., OH, about the same age in 1820;  (2)  For my Nathan to be a son of Joseph, Nathan would have had to be born around the 1740s, making Nathan in his 40s before having children; (3) The will of Nathan is registered in Montgomery Co., and his Revolutionary War grave is also found there (Quakers did not go to war); (4) Nathan’s will lists Michel as his wife, as do MD records.