b.c. 1805


 [DNA #67955]


DNA test results show a match with Christopher Mattix b. 1713 probably PA (DNA #16570) and Edward Mattox b.c. 1752 NC (DNA #12087)



Generation 1


A.        JOHN Z/G MATTOX (see E below)1

b.         c. 1805 Abbeville Dist?, SC

m.        1824 Kiziah Freeman, Jackson Co., GA

d.         About 1860 Randolph Co., ALAL




A1       Son Mattox, b. 1826-30, Jackson Co., GA

A2       Daughter Mattox, b. 1826-28, Jackson Co., GA

A3       Mary Mattox, b. 1830 Jackson Co., GA

A4       Nancy Mattox, b. 1835 Jackson Co., GA

A5       Permelia Mattox, b. 1837 Jackson Co., GA

A6       Elizabeth Mattox, b. 1840 Jackson Co., GA

A7       Sallie Mattox, b. 1842 Jackson Co., GA

A8       Margarete Mattox, b. 1848 Jackson Co., GA

A9       STEPHEN WHIT MATTOX, b. 1849 (see B below)

A10     Lucius Mattox, b. 1851 Randolph Co., AL, dy?

A11     Thomas, b. 1855 Randolph Co., AL

A12     Georgia Mattox, b. 1860 Randolph Co., AL

A13     Whit Mattox, b. 1864 Randolph Co., AL (may be grandson)

A14     Lizer Mattox, b. 1866 Randolph Co., AL (may be grand dtr)

A15     Martha Mattox, b. 1870 Randolph Co., AL (may be grand dtr)


Generation 2


B         STEPHEN WHIT MATTOX (same as A8 above)2

b.         1849 Autauga Co., AL

m.        1st c. 1868 Margaret Poole, Randolph Co., AL

m.        3rd 1896 A. A. Sanders, Pontotoc Co., OK

m.        4th 1903 M. J. Ludlord




B1        Joseph Thomas Mattox, b. 1868 Randolph Co., AL, m. 1887 Ellen Hastings, Hood Co., TX

B2        John W. Mattox, b. 1871 Randolph Co., AL

B3        Sarah E. Mattox, b. 1872 Randolph Co., AL, m.1st c.1889 ___ Dobynes, Indian Terr, m. 2nd 1900 Isaac F. Workman, Polk Co., AR, d. 1941 Leflore Eo OK

B4       JAMES W. MATTOX, b. 1874 (see C below)

B5        Ofelia (Effie) Mattox, b. 1876 Somervell Co., TX, m. 1895 James Peterson, Pontotoc Co., OK

B6        Charles (Ike) Mattox, b. 1880, Somervell Co., TX

B7       Henry Austin Mattox, b. 1881 (see CC below)


m.        2nd 1884, Sarah Long, Hood Co., TX


B8        Eva Mattox, b. 1890 Indian Terr., OK or AR, m. 1st Jerry T. Workman, 2nd Jimmy VanHoosier

B9        Athis Mattox, b. 1892 Indian Terr., OK or AR, m. ___ Workman

B10      Ella/Aller Mattox, b. 1892 Indian Terr, OK or AR, m. 1910 George F. Payne, Poteau Co., OK, d. 1953 Pushmataha Co., OK


Generation 3


C         JAMES W. MATTOX (same as B4 above)5

b.         1874 Autauga Co., AL

m.        1st 1897 Fannie J. Sanders, Pontotoc Co., OK

m.        2nd c. 1905 Montie D. Workman, LeFlore Co., OK

d.         1945 Latimer Co., OK




C1       Pearl Mattox, b. 1906 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 1966 Maricopa Co., AZ

C2       Pearlie Mattox, b. 1906 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 1982 Pushmataha Co., OK

C3       Virgil May Mattox, b. 1908 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 1994 Sequoyah Co., OK

C4       COLUMBUS BETHEL MATTOX, b. 1915 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 1977 Maricopa Co., AZ


CC       Henry Austin Mattox (same as B7 above)

b.         1881 Somervell Co., TX

m.        1904 Tennie Workman, OK

d.         1968 Pittsburg Co., OK




CC1     Harvey Mattox, b. 1907 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 1984 Maricopa Co., AZ

CC2     Etta Mattox, b. 1909 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 1996 Kern Co., CA

CC3     Fannie Mattox, b.c. 1911, LeFlore Co., OK

CC4     Bertha Mattox, b. 1912 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 1991

CC5     Dillard Austin Mattox, b. 1914 LeFlore  Co., OK, d. 1997 Oklahoma City Co., OK

CC6     Ruthie Mattox, b. 1919 LeFlore Co., OK, d.c. 1932

CC7     Bonnie Mattox, b. 1922 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 1984

CC8     Lorraine/Lorene Mattox, b. 1925 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 1975

CC9     Odell B. Mattox, b. 1927 LeFlore Co., OK, d. 2001 Sacramento Co., CA

CC10   Dtr. Mattox, b. 1930 LeFlore Co., OK

CC11   Dtr. Mattox, b. 1933 LeFlore Co., OK

CC12   Dtr. Mattox, b. 1935 LeFlore Co., OK





1Paternity Documentation John G/Z to Stephen Whit:  In 1810 John Maddux of Jackson Co., GA, bought land in Franklin Co., GA, from John Barnett of Abbeville Dist, S.C.  1830 census Jackson Co., GA, line 21, was John G/Z. Maddox, living next door to Benj. Freeman, his future father-in-law.  Marriage of John G. to Keziah Freeman 1824 Jackson Co., GA.  1860 census Randolph Co., AL with widowed Keziah age 45, and son Whit, age 10. (1880 census of Somervell Co., TX, Stephen Whit said his parents were born in SC.)


2Paternity Documentation Stephen Whit to James W:  1880 census Somervell Co., TX, with son James W, age 5.  


3Paternity Documentation James W. to Columbus Bethel:  1920 census LeFlore Co., OK, and birth certificate



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