b. c. 1742


Through son Michael, Samuel or Abraham


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Samuel may be the son of a Giles MATTIX who was reportedly born in the Netherlands in about 1712

This family was strong United Brethren (Moravians), a religion which was fairly popular in the Netherlands, and earlier in Germany and Bohemia.They developed strong missions in NJ, MD, PA, and NC.



Generation 1



b.†††††††† c. 1742

m.††††††† c. 1767 Mary Schouwers, NJ

d.†††††††† 1807 Sussex Co, NJ




A1†††††† Catherine Mattix, b. 1768NJ; m. 1790 Daniel Culver, NJ; d.c. 1849 Parke Co, IN

+A2†††† MICHAEL MATTIX, b. 1770(see B below)

+A3†††† SAMUEL MATTIX, b.c. 1772 (see B below)

A4†††††† Mary Ann Mattix, b.c. 1774 NJ;m. 1803 Aaron VanNatta, NJ; d.c.1840 Butler Co, OH

+A5†††† John Mattix, b.c. 1776 NJ (see his pedigree chart on this website)

A6†††††† Jacob Mattix, b.c. 1779 (see BB below)

A7†††††† William Mattix, b.c. 1782 NJ; d.c. 1814 in War of 1812, Lake Erie (NY or Canada)

A8†††††† James Mattix, b.c. 1785 (see BBB below)

A9†††††† ABRAHAM MATTIX, b.c. 1787 (see B below)

A10†††† Giles Mattix, b.c. 1790 NJ (see B4 below)

A11†††† David Mattix, b. 1792(see B5 below)

A12†††† Isaac Mattix, b.c. 1795 NJ (see B6 below)



Generation 2


B†††††††† MICHAEL MATTIX††††††††††† or†††††††† SAMUEL MATTIX††††††††††††† or†††††††† ABRAHAM MATTIX (same as A2, A3, A9 above)

b.†††††††† 1770 Sussex Co., NJ or PA†††††††††††††††† c. 1772 Sussex Co., NJ or PA†††††††††††† c. 1787 Sussex Co., NJ or PA

m.††††††† 1795 Mary Rutan†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1st Eleanor Vennatter††††††††††††††††††††††††††† m. 1816 Elizabeth Barnes††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

††††††††††††††††††††††† 2nd 1801 Eleanor Vannatter

d.†††††††† 1853 Butler Co., OH††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1827 Butler Co., OH††††††††††††††††††††††††††† d.1841 Butler Co., OH




B1†††††† JOHN MATTIX, b. 1799 (C below)

B2††††††† Daniel Mattix, b.c. 1801 Sussex Co., NJ, lived 1830 Butler Co., OH

B3††††††† Nancy Rutan Mattix, b. 1814 Sussex Co., NJ



BB†††††† Jacob Mattix (same as A6 above)

b.†††††††† c. 1779 Sussex Co., NJ

m.††††††† 1807 Catherine Paddock, NJ or OH

d. ††††††† 1859 Sullivan Co., IN




BB1†††† Polly Mattix b.c. 1808

BB2†††† Stephen G. Mattix, b. 1812 (see CC below)

BB3†††† Isaac James Mattix, b. 1818 (see CCC below)

BB4†††† Sarah Mattix, b. 1830


BBB††† James Mattix, b.c. 1785 (same as A8 above)

b.†††††††† c. 1785 Sussex Co., NJ

m.††††††† 1813 Mary Wright, NJ or OH

d.†††††††† 1859 Clinton Co., IN




BBB1†† Anna Mattix, b.c. 1814 Butler Co., OH

BBB2†† Rachel Mattix, b.c. 1816 Butler Co., OH

BBB3†† John Mattix, b.c. 1818 Butler Co., OH

BBB4James Mattix b.1821 (see CCCC below)

BBB5†† Ruth Mattix, b.c. 1824 Butler Co., OH


B4††††††† Giles Mattix (same as A10 above)

b.†††††††† c. 1790 Sussex Co., NJ

m.††††††† 1817 Mary Cornelison, Butler Co., OH

d.†††††††† 1864 Clinton Co., IN




B41††††† Samuel Mattix, b.c. 1818 (see C5 below)

B42††††† Nancy Mattix, b. 1822 Butler Co., OH

B43††††† Martha Ann Mattix, b. 1831 Butler Co., OH


B5††††††† David Mattix (same as A11 above)

b.†††††††† 1792 Sussex Co., NJ

m.††††††† 1821 Effie Rutlan, Preble Co., OH

d.†††††††† 1866 Butler Co., OH




B51††††† Susan Mattix, b. 1821 Butler Co., OH

B52††††† Elias Mattix b. 1823 (see C6 below)

B53††††† Squire Mattix, b.c. 1825 Butler Co., OH

B54††††† Mary Mattix, b.c. 1827 Butler Co., OH


B6†††††††††† Isaac Mattix (same as A12 above)

b.†††††††† c. 1795 Sussex Co., NJ

m.††††††† 1824 Nancy A. VanNatta, Butler Co., OH

d.†††††††† 1864††† Tippecanoe Co., IN




B61††††† Samuel Mattix, b.c. 1825 Butler Co., OH

B62††††† David L. Mattix, b.c. 1827 Butler Co., OH)

B63††††† Thomas L. Mattix, b. 1829 (see C7 below)

B64††††† Mary Mattix, b.c. 1832

B65††††† Jane Mattix, b.c. 1835

B66††††† Rhoda Mattix, b. 1839

B67††††† James Maxwell Mattix, b. 1842 (see C8 below)


Generation 3


C.††††††† JOHN MATTIX (same as B1 above)3

b. ††††††† c. 1799NJ

m.††††††† 1818 Catherine Smith, Butler Co, OH

d.†††††††† Aft. 1880 prob. Henry Co, IN




C1†††††† CHRISTOPHER MATTIX, b. 1819(see D below)

C2†††††† Unknown son Mattix, b.c. 1821

C2†††††† Mary Ann Mattix, b.c. 1825 m. 1847 Joseph Sheets Rush Co, IN

C3†††††† Daniel Mattix, b.c. 1829 (see DD below)

C4†††††† Lydia Mattix, b.c. 1837 OH

C5†††††† Aaron Mattix, b.c. 1841 IN

C6†††††† John Mattix, b.c. 1844IN; m. Julie E.

C7†††††† Oliver Mattix, b.c. 1846 IN m. Narcissus; d. 1930 IN


CC†††††† Stephen G. Mattix/Maddox (same as BB2 above)

b.†††††††† 1812 Butler Co., OH

m. †††††† c. 1836 Lucretia Thomson, OH





CC1†††† John Maddox b. 1837 Sullivan Co., IN

CC2†††† Alfred Maddox, b.c. 1839 Sullivan Co., IN

CC3†††† Annis Maddox, b.c. 1841 Sullivan Co., IN

CC4†††† Isaac Mattix, b.1843 Sullivan Co., IN (see DDD below)†††

CC5†††† Eliza F. Maddox, b.c. 1846 Sullivan Co., IN

CC6†††† Amanda Maddox, b.c. 1850 Sullivan Co., IN


CCC††† Isaac James Mattix (same as BBB3 above)

b.†††††††† 1818 Sullivan Co., IN

m.††††††† 1843 Sarah E. Reed, Sullivan Co., IL

d.†††††††† 1868 Sullivan Co., IN




C71†††† John Hannibal Mattix, b. 1844 (see DDDD below) Sullivan Co., IN

CCC2William Henry Mattix, b. 1846 Sullivan Co., IN

CCC3Catharine Mattix, b. 1849 Sullivan Co., IN

CCC4Nancy Mattix, b. 1851 Sullivan Co., IN

CCC5Mary Ann Mattix, b. 1854 Sullivan Co., IN

CCC6Viola Mattix, b.c. 1856 Sullivan Co., IN

CCC7David Mattix, b. 1857 Sullivan Co., IN

CCC8Stephen Mattix, b. 1860 Sullivan Co., IN

CCC9Samuel J. Mattix, b. 1862 (see D5 below)††


C4††††††† James Mattix (same as BBB4 above)

b.†††††††† 1821 Butler Co., OH

m.††††††† 1847 Amanda E. Slipher, Clinton co., IN

d.†††††††† 1895††† Howard Co., IN




C41††††† Philip L. Mattix, b. 1848 Clinton co., IN

C42††††† Lucinda J. Mattix, b.c. 1853 Clinton Co., IN

C43††††† Justice C. Rodkey Mattix, b. 1860 Clinton Co., IN


C5††††††† Samuel Mattix (same as BBBB1 above)

b.†††††††† c. 1818 Butler Co., OH

m.††††††† 1849 Eliza J. Etenburn, Clinton Co., IN

d.†††††††† 1871 Clinton Co., IN




C51††††† Andrew Mattix, b.c. 1854 Clinton Co., IN

C52††††† Giles D. Mattix, b.c. 1860 Clinton Co., IN

C53††††† Jacob Mattix, b.c. 1862 Clinton Co., IN

C54††††† Nancy Mattix, b.c. 1866 Clinton co., IN

C55††††† Martha Mattix, b. 1870 Clinton Co., IN


C6††††††† Elias Mattix (same as B52 above)

b.†††††††† 1823 Butler Co., OH

m.††††††† 1871 Mary Wescoe, OH

d.†††††††† 1905 Butler Co., OH




C61††††† Theodore Marston Mattix b. 1872 Butler co., OH

C62††††† Effie Mattix, b.c. 1874 Butler Co., OH

C63††††† Russell Edgar Mattix, b. 1876 Butler Co., OH

C64††††† Anna M. Mattix, b. 1879 Butler Co., OH


C7††††††† Thomas L. Mattix (same as B63 above)††††††† †††††

b.†††††††† 1829 Butler Co., OH

m.††††††† 1867 Mary Brough, Tippecanoe Co., IN

d.†††††††† 1909 Tippecanoe Co., IN




C71††††† Idella Mattix, b. 1868 Tippecanoe Co., OH

C72††††† Emma J. Mattix, b. 1869 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C73††††† Hannah Mattix, b.c. 1871 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C74††††† John James Mattix, b. 1873 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C75††††† Loretta Mattix, b. 1875 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C76††††† Stella Mattix, b. 1878 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C77††††† Charles Mattix, b. 1880 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C78††††† Francis Mattix, b. 1883 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C79††††† Jacob Mattix, b. 1887 Tippecanoe Co., IN


C8††††††† James Maxwell Mattix (same as B67 above)

b.†††††††† 1842 Tippecanoe Co., IN

m.††††††† 1868 Nancy K. Stump, Tippecanoe Co., IN

d.†††††††† 1894 Tippecanoe Co., IN




C81††††† Jane Mattix, b.c. 1870 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C82††††† Iva Mattix, b. 1872 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C83††††† Bertha Mattix, b. 1878 Tippecanoe Co., IN

C84††††† Anna Josephine Mattix, b. 1880 Tippecanoe Co., IN


Generation 4


D.††††††† CHRISTOPHER MATTIX (same as C1 above)4

b.†††††††† 1819 Butler Co, OH

m.††††††† 1st 1838 Harriet M. Lee, Rush Co, IN

m.††††††† 2nd Hannah P. Walker

d.†††††††† 1900 Mahaska Co, IA




D1†††††† Amanda Mattix, b. & d. 1839Rush Co, IN

D2†††††† Thomas Jefferson Mattix, b. 1840IN; m. 1865 Mary S. McClure, Mahaska Co, IA

D3†††††† Catharine Mattix, b. 1841 IN; m. 1865 Arthemus W. Weekly, Mahaska Co, IA

D4†††††† John Mattix, b. 1844IN or IA; m. 1865 Mary Borden, Mahaska Co, IA; d. 1889Mahaska Co, IA (see E below)

D5†††††† David Daniel Mattix, b.1846 Mahaska Co, IA; m. 1869 Martha Flanders Mahaska Co, IA; d. 1923Mahaska Co, IA

D6†††††† Nancy M. Mattix, b.1849 Mahaska Co, Iowa; d. 1872 Mahaska Co, IA

D7†††††† Andrew Jackson Mattix, b.1852 Mahaska Co, IA; m.1st Harriet Heiner; m.2nd Sarah A. Winegardner; d. 1925Hugo, CO

D8†††††† William M. Mattix, b. & d. 1854-55 Mahaska Co, IA

D9†††††† Robert M. Mattix, b. 1856 Mahaska Co, IA; d. 1889 Mahaska Co, IA

D10†††† Sarah Ann Mattix, b. 1858Mahaska Co, IA

D11†††† AARON WINFRED MATTIX, b. 1860 (see EE below)

D12 ††† Alonzo B. Mattix, b. 1862 Mahaska Co, IA; m. 1884 Melisa L. Harris, Mahaska Co, IA;d. 1950 OK

D13†††† Neuma Mattix, b. 1866 Mahaska Co, IA; m. 1891 Matilda A. Deaver,Mahaska Co, IA; d. 1895Mahaska Co, IA


DD††††† Daniel Mattix (same as C3 above)

b.†††††††† 1829 Butler Co., OH

m.††††††† c. 1850 Elizabeth,Butler Co., OH

d. ††††††† Aft. 1880 Henry Co., IN




DD1†††† Rodilla Mattix, b. 1851 Henry Co., IN

DD2†††† Aaron Mattix, b. 1855 Henry Co., IN

DD3††† Charles Mattix, b. 1857 Henry Co., IN (see EEE below)

DD4†††† Catharine Mattix, b. 1859 Henry Co., IN

DD5†††† Elizabeth Mattix, b. 1862 Henry Co., IN

DD6††† John Mattix, b. 1864 Henry Co., IN (see EEEE below)

DD7†††† Laura Mattix, b. 1869 Henry Co., IN

DD8†††† Alonzo Mattix, b. 1875 Henry Co., IN


DDD†† Isaac Mattix (same as CC4 above)

b.†††††††† 1843 Sullivan Co., IN

m.††††††† 1862 Sarah J. Trueblood, IN

d.†††††††† 1921 Sullivan Co., IN




DDD1John A. Mattix b.c. 1863 Sullivan Co., IN

DDD2Amanda Mattix, b.c. 1865 Sullivan Co., IN

DDD3Eliza Anna Mattix, b.c. 1867 Sullivan Co., IN

DDD4 Stephen G. Mattix, b. 1870 Sullivan Co., IN (same as FF below)

DDD5Lucretia Mattix, b.c. 1873 Sullivan Co., IN

DDD6Benona Mattix, b.c. 1876 Sullivan Co., IN


D4††††††† John Hannibal Mattix (same as C81 above)

b.†††††††† 1844 Sullivan Co., IN††

m.††††††† 1876 Amanda J. Hall, KS





D41††††† Sarah Elizabeth Mattix, b. 1877 KS

D42††††† George Henry Mattix, b. 1879 KS

D43††††† Mary Catherine Mattix, b. 1881 KS

D44††††† Maggie Melvina Mattix, b. 1885 KS

D45††††† Elsie Leonia Mattix, b. 1888 KS

D46††††† oseph William Mattix, b. 1892 KS


D5††††††† Samuel J. Mattix (same as CCC9 above)

b.†††††††† 1862 Shelby Co., IL

m.††††††† 1883 Hanna L. Hughes





D51††††† Retta May Mattix, b. 1884

D52††††† Charles Dennis Mattix, b. 1886

D53††††† Rosella Mattix, b. 1892

D54††††† Alva Ira Mattix, b. 1897

D55††††† May Alice Mattix, b. 1899

D56††††† Treva Mattix, b. 1902


Generation 5


E††††††††† John Mattix (same as D4 above)

b. ††††††† 1844IN or IA

m. †††††† 1865 Mary Borden, Mahaska Co, IA

d. ††††††† 1889Mahaska Co, IA




E1††††††† Edward Mattix b.c. 1870 Mahaska Co., IA


EE.††††† AARON WINFRED MATTIX (same as D11 above)5

b.†††††††† 1860 Mahaska Co, IA

m.††††††† 1884 Mary L.Flanders, Mahaska or Marion Co, IA

d.†††††††† 1941 Mahaska Co, IA




EE1††††† Nellie Salome Mattix, b. 1844IA, m. William E. Batey; d.1904Iowa

EE2††††† Charles Dean Mattix, b. 1886 Mahaska Co, IA; m.c. 1912 Elsie L. Hulbert;d. 1973 Mahaska Co, IA

EE3†††† WINFRED AARON MATTIX, b. 1888 (see F below)

EE4††††† Jesse C. Mattix, b. 1892Mahaska Co, IA; m. Velma M.; d.c. 1967Mahaska Co, IA


EEE†††† Charles Mattix (same as DD3 above)

b.†††††††† 1857 Henry Co., IN

m.††††††† c. 1883 Mary A, IN

d.†††††††† Aft. 1910




EEE1†† Walter W. Mattix, b. 1884 Henry Co., IN

EEE2†† Russell M. Mattix, b. 1890 Henry Co., IN


E4††††††† John Mattix (same as DD6 above)

b.†††††††† 1864 Henry Co., IN

m.††††††† c. 1889 Clara E., IN





E41†††††† Chester Mattix, b. 1890 Henry Co., IN

E42†††††† Ora Mattix, b. 1897 Henry Co., IN


E5††††††† Stephen G. Mattix (same as DDD4 above)

b.†††††††† 1870 Sullivan Co., IN

m.††††††† c. 1892 Louise A. __





E51†††††† Inez Mattix, b. 1893 Sullivan Co., IN

F52†††††† Roy Mattix, b. 1897 Sullivan Co., IN

F53†††††† Joy Mattix, b. 1897 Sullivan Co., IN

F54†††††† Edith O. Mattix, b.c. 1900 Sullivan Co., IN

F55†††††† Michael Mattix, b.c. 1905 Sullivan Co., IN


Generation 6


F.†††††††† WINFRED AARON MATTIX(same as E3 above)6

b.†††††††† 1888†† Mahaska Co, IA

m.††††††† 1909 Lulu M. Ross, Mahaska Co, IA

d.†††††††† 1969 Mahaska Co, IA




F1††††††† Ralph Dean Mattix, b. 1915†† Mahaska Co, Iowa;m. 1936 Agnes V. Denny, Mahaska Co, IA; d. 1994 Los Angeles Co, CA




1Paternity Documentation Samuel Sr. to Samuel, Michael & Abraham:1807 Sussex County, New Jersey Will of Samuel, Sr.


2Paternity Documentation Michael, Samuel or Abraham to John:††


1.Of the sons of Samuel Sr., neither John nor James nor Jacob nor David nor Giles had a proven son named John.†† Sons of Michael, Samuel, and Abraham are unknown.†† So by elimination, one of these men was Johnís father.


2.Michael m. 1795, Samuel m. 2nd 1801, Abraham 1816.John was b. 1799.So the most likely person to be Johnís father was Michael.

3.However, John said in 1880 that his parents were born in PA.Abraham said in 1850 that he was b. in PA.

4.Ages of most of Samuel Srís sons are based on date of marriage and age categories in 1820-1840 census.


5.John in Rush Co., IN, always said he was born 1799 NJ.The Mattix brothers, sons of Samuel who d. NJ 1807, & their widowed mother migrated to OH between 1806 and 1818.

6.John b. 1795-1801 was in Butler Co., OH, 1820 census, and b. 1791-1800 also in Butler Co., OH.In the 1830 census, he was b. 1791-1800 and in Rush Co., IN.So his year of birth was 1795-1800.


3Paternity Documentation John to Christopher:Very strong circumstantial that could be proven.


1.In 1830 Butler Co., OH, John was living next to Christopher Smith.He married Catherine Smith and named a son Christopher.

2.Christopher always said he was b. in OH.

3.Christopher was living in the same township as John in Rush Co., IN, 1840.

4.Christopher married in Rush Co., IN.

5.Christopher named many of his children the same names John gave his.


John was living with son Daniel (b. OH) in 1880, and John (b. NJ) was listed as Danielís father.Therefore, a DNA test of a direct male descendant of Daniel (proven to be son of John) would solve this.As soon as this is done, a comparison can be made with the results of Christopherís direct descendant.


4Paternity Documentation Christopher to Aaron Winfred:1860 & 1870 censuses of Jefferson Township, Mahaska County, Iowa.


5Paternity Documentation Aaron Winfred to Winfred Aaron: 1900 & 1910 censuses of Mahaska County, Iowa.


6Paternity Documentation Winfred Aaron to Ralph Dean Mattix:1920 & 1930 censuses of West Des Moines Township, Mahaska County, Iowa.



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