b. 1810 TN


DNA Kit# 80509

Generation 1


b. 1810 Knox Co., TN

m. 1837 Elizabeth Moyer, Clay Co., IN

d. 1862 Clay Co., IN


 A1 Perlina Mattox, b.c. 1838 Clay co., IN, m. 1858 James Shepherd, Clay Co., IN, d. 1873

A2 Susan Mattox, b.c. 1840 Clay Co., IN, m. 1860 David Larkin, Vigo Co., IN, d. aft. 1880

A3 Alinza Mattox, b.c. 1844 Clay Co., IN, m. 1847 William S. Smith, Clay Co., IN, d.c. 1874

A4 NAPOLEON B. MATTOX, b. 1846 (see B1 below)

A5 MARSHALL MATTOX, b. 1846 (see B2 below)

A6 CALVIN CHURCH MATTOX, b. 1855 (see B3 below)

A7 Alonzo Mattox, b. 1862 Clay Co., IN, m. 1st 1885 Josephine Stringfield, Clay Co., IN, m. 2nd 1905 Katherine __, Sullivan Co., IN

  Generation 2

 B1 NAPOLEON B. MATTOX (same as A4 above) -1

b. 1846 Clay Co., IN

m. c.1869 Rebecca Braden, Clay co., IN

d. c. 1920 Nowata Co., OK


 B11 Mary Bell Mattox, b. 1870 IN, m.c. 1887 Arlaneon S. Price, d. 1954 OK

B12 Willie Mattox, b. 1876 IN

B13 Lizzie M. Mattox, b.c. 1878 IN

B14 Effie E. Mattox, b.c. 1881, m.c. 1895 Atwood T. Riley, Cherokee Nation/Nowaka Co., OK

B15 HENRY A. MATTOX b. 1885 (see C1 below)

  B2 MARSHALL MATTOX (same as A5 above) -1

b. 1847 Clay Co., IN

m. 1873 Florence E. Crosby, Clay Co., IN

d. 1909 Clay co., IN


 B21 Pinky Mae Mattox, b. 1874 Clay Co., IN, m. 1897 John Phipps, IN, d. 1970 Warrick Co., IN

B22 Dora Mattox, b. 1876 Clay Co., IN, m. 1899 William West, d. 1942

B23 Emma Mattox, b. 1878 Clay Co., IN

B24 Ola Mattox, b. 1880 Clay Co., IN, m. 1903 William E. Sanders, Clay co., IN, d. 1955

B25 Alzina Mattox, b. 1882 Clay Co., IN

B26 Clay Mattox, b. 1884 Clay Co., IN, m. 1906 Phebe Phegley, IN, d. 1966

B27 Jack Mattox, b. 1886 Clay Co., IN, d. 1967

B28 Ethel Mattox, b. 1888, Clay Co., IN, m.c. 1906 Oren Goodwin

  B3 Calvin Church Mattox (same as A6 above)-2

b. 1855 Clay Co., IN

m. 1877 Rebecca Ann Coppock, Clay co., IN

d. 1901



B31 Lulu Mattox, b. 1878 Clay Co., IN, m. 1904 Silvester Ladson, Sullivan Co., IN

B32 Ivan Mattox, b.c. 1878 Clay Co., IN

B33 Clifford Mattox, b. 1883 Clay Co., IN, m. 1909 Lola E. Copeland, Clay co., IN

B34 Lillie Mattox, b. 1886 Clay Co., IN

B35 Zeresh Mattox, b.c. 1888 Clay Co., IN

B36 EARL H. MATTOX, b. 1890 (see C2 below)

B37 Susan Mattox, b. 1893 Clay Co., IN, m. __ Olmetzer, d. 1940

B38 Iva Mattox, b. 1894 Clay Co., IN

B39 CURT MATTOX, b. 1896 (see C3 below)

B310 Zeda Mattox b. 1899 Clay Co., IN, m. 1917 Frank Fieldenn, Clay Co., IN

  Generation 3

C1 HENRY A. MATTOX (same as B15 above) 3,-4

b. 1885 KS

m. c. 1909 Lottie F. __

d. 1964 OK


  C11 CALVIN LEE MATTOX, b.c. 1911 Cherokee Nation, OK, m. 1931 Jewel Woods, Nowata Co., OK, d. 1999 CA

C12 ROY MATTOX b.c. 1918 Cherokee Nation, OK

  C2 EARL H. MATTOX (same as B36 above) 5

b. 1890 Clay Co., IN

m. 1915 Evelyn Edmondson, Clay Co., IN

d. 1971 Greene Co., IN


 C11 Arthur Mattox, b. 1916 Clay Co., IN, d. 1916 Clay co., IN

C12 Sybil N. Mattox, b. 1917 Clay Co., IN

  C3 CURT MATTOX (same as B39 above) 5

b. 1896 Clay Co., IN

m. 1917 Pearl Fieldon, Greene co., IN

d. 1963 Greene Co., IN


  1Paternity Documentation James to Napoleon B and Marshall: 1850 census, Vigo Co., IN, 1860 census, Clay Co., IN, and abstract of title, Clay Co., IN

 2Paternity Documentation James to Calvin Church: 1860 census, Clay Co., IN, 1870 census, Clay Co., IN, and abstract of title, Clay Co., IN  

3Paternity Documentation Napoleon B. to Henry A: 1900 census, Cherokee Nation, OK

 4Paternity Documentation Henry A. to Calvin & Roy: 1920 & 1930 census, Nowata Co., OK

 5Paternity Documentation Calvin Church to Earl and Curt: 1900 & 1910 census, Clay Co., IN

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