b. 1818


With speculated brothers (based on Carroll Co., GA, marriages)


[DNA Kit #81106]


DNA testing has revealed a match or near match to Edward Mattix b.1742 poss. NC (kit 46028), Christopher Mattox b. 1713 PA (kit 16570) and John G/Z Mattox b.c. 1805 SC (kit 67955), all with the “I” or Nordic haplotype.


1850 census Edgecombe Co., NC, was a Riley Mattox b. NC 1790 NC.  He died in Wilson Co., NC 1860. 

1850 Fayette Co., AL, was Lawson Matocks b. 1784 SC, with son Riley b. 1835 (my Riley b. 1818 GA) said his parents were b. SC..

1850 Coweta Co., GA, was widowed Mary A. Mattox, b. 1778 SC

1860 Calhoun Co., AL, was widowed Rebecca Mattox, b. 1788 SC

1880 a William Riley Maddox was b. 1827 and died 1880 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL.  Not the same as William R. below b. 1813.  Both had wives named Nancy.  Probably distantly related.


One of the Mattoxes in the 1820 census of Georgia was my Riley’s father. Was his name John?   Their first son’s name was James, his wife’s father’s name.  Their second son’s name was John, probably named after Riley’s father.  Riley’s mother seems to be Mary A., age 72, Coweta Co., GA 1850 living with George W & wife Angeline, and next door to William R. and wife Nancy.  She b. SC, sons b. GA.



Generation 1



b.         c. 1778 SC

m.        Mary A., SC?

d.         before 1850 GA




A1       William R(iley?) Mattox, b. 1813 GA (see B below)

A1       RILEY MATTOX, b. 1818 GA (see BB below)

A2       Starling Maddox, b. 1820 SC (see B3 below)

A3       George W. Mattox, b. 1822 (see B4 below)


Generation 2


B         William Riley Mattox (same as A1 above)

b.         1813 GA

m.        c. 1845 Nancy





B1        George M. Mattox, b. 1846 Coweta Co., GA

B2        John W. R. Mattox, b. 1850 Coweta Co., GA



BB.      RILEY (O. M.) MATTOX (same as A2 above)1

b.         1818 GA

m.        1846 Mariah Hill, Carroll Co., GA

d.         1899 Floyd Co., GA, or Cherokee Co., AL




BB1     JAMES MONROE MATTOX, b. 1846 (see C below)

BB2     Mariah Elizabeth Mattox, b. 1848 Carroll or Troup Co., GA, d. aft. 1900 prob. Cherokee Co., AL

BB3     Melvina C. M. Mattox, b. 1849 Troup Co., GA

BB4     Georgian Mattox, b. 1852 Carroll Co., GA

BB5     John Quincy Adams Mattox, b. 1853  (see CC below)

BB6     Riley A. Mattox, b. 1854 Carroll Co., GA

BB7     Margaret C. S. Mattox, b. 1858 Calhoun Co., GA or AL, m. Joseph Smith, GA


B3        Starling Mattox (same as A3 above)

b.         1820 SC

m.        1843 Anna Amelia (Mary?) Goggins, Carroll/Harralson Co., GA

m.        1859 Haralson Co., GA (remarried?)

d.         Aft. 1880 Upsher Co., TX?




B31      Marian Mattox, b. 1843 Carroll/Haralson Co., GA

B32      Ahas/Ahaz Mattox, b. 1845 Carroll/Haralson Co., GA

B33      Ruben/Rubin Mattox, b. 1845 Carroll/Haralson Co., GA

B34      Elizabethj Jane Mattox, b. 1849 Carroll/Haralson Co., GA

B35      John Mattox, b. 1851 GA Carroll/Haralson Co., GA

B36      James F. Mattox, b. 1854 Carroll/Haralson Co., GA, m.c. 1879 Sarah J, Upshur Co., TX

B37      Anna Amelia Mattox, b. 1859 Haralson Co., GA, m. 1877 Bailey F. Bledsoe, Upshur Co., TX, d. 1938 Upshur Co., TX

B38      Mary M. Mattox, b. 1861 Haralson Co., GA

B39      Martha M. Mattox, b. 1861 Haralson Co., GA


B4        George W. Mattox (same as A4 above)

b.         1828 GA

m.        1848 Angeline H. Hodge, Carroll Co., GA

d.         c. 1865 Fulton Co., GA?




B41      Mary A. E. Mattox, b. 1848 Coweta Co., GA

B42      Aletha Mattox, b. 1857 Fulton? Co., GA

B43      Milton Mattox, b. 1866 Fulton? Co., GA



Generation 3


C.        JAMES MONROE MATTOX (same as BB1 above)2

b.         1846 AL

m.        1st 1874 Mary J. Campbell, Cherokee Co., AL

m.        2nd 1897 Joahnna Edwards, Morgan Co., AL

d.         c. 1906-10 Morgan Co., AL




C1       John Thomas Mattox, b. 1876 Cherokee Co., AL, d. 1958 Dekalb Co., AL

C2       James Luther Mattox, b. 1881 Cherokee Co., AL, nm, d. 1968 Dekalb Co., AL

C3       Arthur Napoleon Mattox, b. 1882 Cherokee Co., AL, d. 1968 Dekalb Co., AL

C4       Mary Magdaline Mattox, b. 1892 Cherokee Co., AL, d. 1985 Dekalb Co., AL

C5       WILLIAM CALHOUN MATTOX, b. 1896 Cherokee Co., AL, m. Liddy I. Jolley, d. 1960 Dekalb Co., AL


CC       John Quincy Adams Mattox (same as BB5 above)

b.         Carroll Co., GA

m..       1891 Alice ___,  Benton Co., MS

d.         1941 Tippah or Benton Co., MS




CC1     Ross W. Mattox, b. 1889 Tippah Co., MS

CC2     Epsy Mattox, b. 1891 Tippah Co., MS, m. Lafayette D. Adair, Tippah Co., MS

CC3     Nora L. Mattox, b. 1893 Tippah Co., MS

CC4     Boyd Mattox, b. 1895 Tippah Co., MS

CC5     Minnie A. Mattox, b. 1896 Tippah Co., MS

CC6     Mary Elizabeth ? Mattox, b. 1901? Tippah Co., MS, d. 1901 Tippah Co., MS (dtr. or dtr-in-law)

CC6     Oliver P. Mattox, b. 1905 Tippah Co., MS

CC7     Elzie Howard Mattox, b. 1907 Tippah Co., MS





1Paternity Documentation Unknown to Wm R., Riley, Starling, Geo. W:  Circumstantial evidence.  All married in Carroll Co., GA, a few years apart.  Probable mother, Mary A., 72 in 1850 census Coweta Co., GA, with son George W and dtr-in-law Angeline, and next door to Wm. R.  Starling in Carroll/Harolson Co., GA, census 1860.  Riley in 1850 census Troup Co., GA, census.

1Paternity Documentation Riley to James Monroe:  1860 census Calhoun Co., AL

2Paternity Documentation James Monroe to William Calhoun:  1900 census Dekalb Co., AL




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