b. 1769


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Elijah was a Methodist Preacher.  Many Methodists were formerly Quakers.  Pennsylvania was founded for the Quakers. 

Elijah is the probable brother of Tobias Mattox.  See more on WorldConnect.


Generation 1




 b.        1769 Allegheny Co., PA

m.        1st c. 1786 1st Mary Lindsey

m.        2nd 1814 Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

d.         1841 Clermont Co., OH




A1       Mary Mattox, b. 1787, m. 1807 Richard Cord, Nicholas Co., KY; d. 1856 Clermont Co., OH

A3       John  Mattox, b.c. 1789 Mason/Fleming Co., KY, m. 1811 Elizabeth Brumagin, Clermont Co., OH

A4       Lydia Mattox, b.c. 1791 Mason/Fleming Co., KY, m. 1816 Ichabod W. Gilman, Clermont Co., OH; d. 1850 Vigo Co., IN

A5       Edmond Mattox, b.c. 1793 Mason/Fleming Co., KY, m. ___ Bragdon

A6       Elijah Mattox, b. 1794 Mason/Fleming Co., KY, m. 1st Matilda M. Medearis, m. 2nd 1813 Elizabeth Medearis, d. 1883 Clermont Co., OH

A7       William L. Mattox, b. 1797 Mason/Fleming Co., KY, m. 1st 1816 Rachel Duberry, m. 2nd 1825 Justice Sexton; d. 1870

A8       Nancy Mattox, b. 1798 Fleming Co., KY; m. 1816 Isaac Short, Clermont Co., OH, d. 1868 Clermont Co., OH

A9       Amelia Mattox, b.c. 1800 Fleming Co., KY, m. 1819 Lewis Moore

A10     Elizabeth Mattox, b.c. 1802 Fleming Co., KY, m. 1st 1823 John Short, Clermont Co., OH, m. 2nd 1823 Nathaniel Sweet, Clermont Co., OH

A11     Eleanor Mattox, b.c. 1804 Boone Co., KY, m. 1924 Samuel Gilman, Clermont Co., OH

A12     Jane Mattox, b.c. 1806 Boone Co., KY, m. 1829 Eric Tracy

A13     JABEZ MATTOX, b. 1808 (see B below)

A14     Miles Harper Mattox, b. 1810 (see BB below)

A15     Lewis Mattox, b. 1811 Campbell/Kenton Co., KY, m. Ann Stevenson



Generation 2


B         JABEZ MATTOX (same as A17 above)2

b.         1808 Fleming Co., KY

m.        1827 Mariah Meeker, Clermont Co., OH

d.         1851 Clermont Co., OH




B1        William P. Mattox, b.c. 1828 Clermont Co., OH, d.c. 1856 Clermont Co., OH

B2        Miles Mattox, b.c. 1830 Clermont Co., OH

B3        Andrew Jackson Mattox, b. 1831 Clermont Co., OH, m. 1855 Liza J. Emery, Wabash Co., IN, d. 1913 Coffee Co., KS

B4        Levi Lemuel Mattox, b. 1833 Clermont Co., OH, m. 1854 Almira Thompson, Brown Co., OH, d. 1897 Clermont Co., OH

B5        Elizabeth Mattox, b.c. 1835 Clermont Co., OH, m. Thomas Powell

B6        Mary Jane MaTTOX, B.C. 1837 Clermont Co., OH, m. 1852

B7       JOHN NELSON MATTOX, b. 1839 (see C below)

B8       Thomas G. Mattox, b.c. 1841 (see CC below)


BB        Miles Harper Mattox

b.         1810 Campbell/Kenton Co., KY

m.        1st 1832 Sarah Corbin

d.         1893 Hamilton Co., NE




BB1     Mary A. Mattox, b. 1833 Lake Co., IN

BB2     Elijah M. Mattox, b. 1835 Lake Co., IN

BB3     John Wesley Mattox, b. 1838 Lake Co., IN, d. 1893

BB4     Amanda Clara Mattox, b. 1840 Lake Co., IN

BB5     Emily C. Mattox, b. 1843, Lake Co., IN, d. 1872


m. 1850 2nd Katherine Young




BB6     Josephine S. Mattox, b. 1850, d. 1852

BB7     Willing Wellington Mattox, b. 1853, d. 1854

BB8     Alice S. Mattox, b. 1855, d. 1860

BB9     Hattie A. Mattox, b. 1860, d. 1860


Generation 3


C         JOHN NELSON MATTOX (same as B7 above)3

b.         1839 Clermont Co., OH

m.        1859 Rebecca A. Beck, Clermont Co., OH

d.         1926 Moultrie Co., IL




C1       Miles Albert Mattox, b. 1860 Moultrie Co., IL, m. 1886 Mary E. Waggoner, Moultrie Co., IL, d. 1932 Moultrie Co., IL

C2       BENJAMIN HARLEY MATTOX, b. 1866 (see D below)

C3       Elizabeth Mariah Mattox, b. 1868 Moultrie Co., IL, m. 1887 Oscar O. Misenheimer, d. 1963

C4       Flora E. Mattox, b. 1870 Moultrie Co., IL, d. 1871 Moultrie Co., IL

C5       John Randolph Mattox, b. 1872 Mmoultrie Co., IL, d. 1892 Moultrie Co., IL

C6       Stella M. Mattox, b. 1877 Moultrie Co., IL, m. 1897 Edward Ellis, d. 1959 Cairo, IL

C7       Edith Dell Mattox, b. 1881 Moultrie Co., IL, m. 1899 John L. McPherson, Moultrie Co., IL, d. aft. 1956


CC.      THOMAS C. MATTOX (same as B8 above)

b.         c. 1841 Clermont Co., OH

m.        unknown

d.         1897 Moultrie Co., IL




CC1.  Ligget Mattox

CC2.  Irma Mattox


Generation 4


D         BENJAMIN HARLEY MATTOX (same as C2 above)4

b.         1866 Moultrie Co., IL

m.        1887 Anna A. Graven, Moultrie Co., IL
d.         1903 Moultrie Co., IL




D1       Omer Clifford Pete Mattox, b. 1887 Moultrie Co., IL, m. 1907 Oma Shafer, Moultrie Co., IL; d. 1955 Moultrie Co., IL

D2       Ella May Mattox, b. 1890 Moultrie Co., IL; m. 1908 R. Perry Leeds, d. 1947 Moultrie Co., IL

D3       Freda Mattox, b. 1893 Moultrie Co., IL; m. 1910 Henry Pifer; d. 1915 Moultrie Co., IL

D4       Benjamin Zinc Mattox, b. 1895 Moultrie Co., IL; m. 1915 Eva Lane; d. 1922 Moultrie Co., IL

D5       Fannie Ruth Mattox, b. 1897 Moultrie Co., IL; m. 1st Wesley Marner, m. 2nd Cecil H. Reynolds; d. 1947 Moultrie Co., IL

D6       HARLEY AUSTIN MATTOX, b. 1898, m. 1928 Blondell E. Braden, Shelby Co., TN; d. 1983 Shelby Co., TN

D7       Rebecca Cecil Mattox, b. 1901 Moultrie Co., IL; d. 1902 Moultrie Co., IL





1 Paternity Documentation Elijah to Jabez & Miles Harper:  Will of Elijah Clermont Co., OH, Bk. E, Pg 276

2 Paternity Documentation Jabez to John Nelson:  1850 census Clermont Co., OH

3 Paternity Documentation John Nelson to Benjamin Harley:  1870 census Moultrie Co., IL

4Paternity Documentation Benjamin Harley to Harley Austin:  1900 & 1910 census Moultrie Co., IL



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