b. 1809


With probable ancestor Edward Mattocks

b. 1690 MD



[DNA Test #90214]


An Ann McKenzie married in SC to John Mattox who was b.1729 Anne Arundel Co., MD. A Michael McKenzie Mattox is found in SC where he was b.c. 1750 and d. Tattnall Co., GA.


Although we have not yet found historical documentary proof of the father of Michael McKenzie Mattox b. 1809 SC (E below) the ancestry of possible father, John b.c. 1776 (D below) is included in hopes of finding a proven descendant of the other sons of Edward b. 1690 Anne Arundel Co., MD (A below).DNA testing (a simple saliva swab) of a proven descendant would provide a solid basis for connecting these lines.


Generation 1



b.†††† ††† 1690 Anne Arundel Co., MD

m.††† ††† 1714 Elizabeth Smith, Anne Arundel Co., MD

d.†††† ††† 1748




A1†† ††† Charles Mattocks, b. 1715Anne Arundel Co., MD, m. 1737 Hannah White, Westminster Parish

A2††† †† Easter Mattox, b. 1716 Anne Arundel Co., MD, m. John Robertson

A3††† †† Hannah Mattocks, b. 1717 Anne Arundel Co., MD

A4††† †† Edward Mattocks, b. 1721 Anne Arundel Co., MD

A5††† †† JOHN MATTOX, b. 1729 (see B below)

A6††† †† Elijah Mattocks, b. 1734


Generation 2


B†††† ††† JOHN MATTOX (same as A5 above) -2

b.††† †††† 1729 Anne Arundel Co., MD

m.†† †††† 1729 Ann McKinzie, Colleton Dist., SC

d.††† †††† MD or SC




B1†††† MICHAEL McKENZIE MATTOX, b. 1750 (see C below)

B2†††† John Mattox, b. 1763 (see CC below)


Generation 3


C†††† ††† MICHAEL McKENZIE MATTOX (same as B1 above) -3

b.†††† ††† 1750 Colleton Dist., SC

m.††† ††† 1775 Elizabeth Joyce Williams, Barnwell Co., SC

d,†††† ††† 1815 Tattnall Co., GA




C1††† †† JOHN MATTOX, b. 1775 (see D below)

C2††† †† Michael McKenzie Mattox, b. 1776 SC, m.c. 1795 Orangeburg Co., SC, m. 1795 Anna Clayton, Orangeburg Co., SC, d. 1802 Barnwell Co., SC

C3††† †† Sarah Mattox, b. 1777 SC, m. 1795 William Eason, Barnwell Co., SC, d. 1859 Tattnall Co., GA

C4††† †† Elijah Mattox, b. 1780 (see DD below

C5††† †† Aaron Mattox, b. 1788 (see DDD below)


CC†††† John Mattox (same as B2 above)

b.†††††† 1763 Colleton Dist., SC

m.††††† c. 1797 Sarah __, Orangeburg Dist., SC

d.†††††† 1835 Tattnall Co., GA




CC1†† Elijah Mattox, b. 1798

CC2††† John Mattox, b. 1803

CC3††† Elizabeth Mattox, b. 1805

CC4††† Sarah Mattox, b. 1807

CC5††† Aaron Mattox, b. 1809

CC6††† Michael M. Mattox, b. 1811


Generation 4


D†††† ††† JOHN MATTOX (same as C1 above)-4

b.†††† ††† 1775 Colleton Dist., SC

m.††† ††† Sarah Overstreet, Tattnall Co., GA

d.†††† ††† 1836 Tattnall Co., GA




D1†††††† Elijah Mattox, b. 1798 Colleton Dist., SC, m.c. 1820 Lavinia Johnson, d. 1856

D2††† †† Elizabeth Mattox, b. 1805 Tattnall Co., GA, m. Spencer Moore, d.c. 1872

D3†††††† MICHAEL McKENZIE MATTOX, b. 1809 (see E below)


DD†† †† Elijah H. Mattox (same as C4 above)

b.†††††† 1780 Colleton Dist., SC

m.††††† 1st 1805 Mary Crawford, Tattnall Co., GA

d.†††††† 1846 Bryan Co., GA




DD1††† Sarah Mattox, b. 1806 Tattnall Co., GA

DD2††† Michael M. Mattox, b. 1807 Tattnall Co., GA, m. Eliza Lindar, d. bef. 1850 Bryan Co., GA.

DD3††† John A. Mattox, b. 1809 Tattnall co., GA

DD4††† Elijah H. Mattox, b. 1813 (see EE below)


m.†††††† 2nd 1815 Candace Tippins, Tattnall Co., GA




DD5Joseph A. Mattox, b. 1817 (see EEE below)

DD6††† Stephen Matlock b. 1820 (see EEEE below)

DD7†† Mary M. Mattox, b.c. 1823 Tattnall Co., GA

DD8Hiram W. Mattox, b. 1825 Tattnall Co., GA (see EEEEE below)


DDD Aaron Mattox (same as C5 above)

b.†††††††† 1788 Colleton Dist., SC

m.††††††† 1815 Elizabeth Futch, Tattnall Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1860 Washington Co., FL




DDD1Samuel Mattox, b. 1816

DDD2 Bethel Mattox, b. 1819 (see EE below)

DDD3Seleta Mattox, b. 1825

DDD4William Mattox, b. 1829

DDD5Eliza Mattox, b. 1829

DDD6George Mattox, b. 1833


Generation 5


E††††††††† MICHAEL MCKENZIE MATTOX (same as D3 above)5a

b.†††††††† 1809 Tattnall Co., GA

m.††††††† Mary Standley

d.†††††††† 1864 Tattnall Co., GA




E1††††††† HAMILTON ALEXANDER MATTOX, b. 1834 (see F below)

E2††††††† John McKenzie Mattox, b. 1837 Tattnal Co., GA, m. Elizabeth M. Stafford, d. 1877

E3††††††† Lucine Mattox, b.c. 1842 Tattnall Co., GA

E4††††††† Julyann Mattox, b.c. 1844 Tattnall Co., GA

E5††††††† mary Sophronia Mattox, b.c. 1846 Tattnall Co., GA

E6††††††† Frelinghyson Mattox, b.c. 1848 Tattnall Co., GA

E7††††††† Sands Mattox, b.c. 1850 Tattnall Co., GA

E8††††††† Florida Mattox, b.c. 1855 Tattnall Co., GA



EE.†††† Elijah H. Mattox (same as DD4 above)-5b

b.†††† ††† 1813 Tattnall Co., GA

m.††† ††† 1833 Sarah M. Eason, GA

d.†††† ††† 1873 Prob. Columbia Co., FL




EE1††† George C. Mattox, b. 1838 (see FF below)

EE2††† Abraham E. Mattox, b. 1839 Tattnall Co., GA

EE3††† McKenzie A. Mattox, b. 1841 Tattnall Co., GA

EE4††† Sarah D. Mattox, b. 1843 Tattnall Co., GAQ

EE5††† Florida M. Mattox, b. 1845 Columbia Co., FL

EE6††† Elijah H. Mattox, b. 1847 (see FF below)

EE7††† Michael G. Mattox, b. 1849 Columbia Co., FL


EEE†††††††††††††† Bethel Mattox (same as D2 above)-5c

b.††††† †††††††††††††† 1819 Bulloch Co., GA

m.†††† †††††††††††††† c. 1842 Edith Folsom





EEE1††† †††††††††† William I. Mattox, b. 1842 Bulloch Co., GA

EEE2††† †††††††††† Eliza Mattox, b. 1846 Holmes co., FL

EEE3††† †††††††††† John Mattox, b. 1847 (see FFF below)

EEE4††† †††††††††† Aaron Mattox, b. 1850 (see FFFF below)

EEE5††† †††††††††† Ann A. Mattox, b. 1854 Holmes Co., FL

EEE6††† †††††††††† George mattox, b. 1856 Holmes Co., FL

EEE7††† †††††††††† Mary J. Mattox, b. 1860 Holmes Co., FL

EEE8††† †††††††††† Jainee J. Mattox, b. 1861 Holmes Co., FL

EEE9††† †††††††††† Jeff Mattox, b. 1862 Holmes Co., FL

EEE10†††††††††† Texas Mattox, b. 1865 Holmes Co., FL


E4††† Joseph A. Mattox (same as DD5 above)-5a

b.††††††† 1817 Tattnall Co., GA

m.†††††† 1843 Mary A. Strickland, Tattnall Co., GA

d.††††††† 1885




E41†† Candacy Mattox, b. 1845 Tattnell Co., GA

E42†† Hiram P. Mattox, b. 1847 Tattnell Co., GA

E43†† Mary A. Mattox, b. 1850 Tattnell Co., GA

E44†† Elijah P. Mattox, b. 1851 Tattnell Co., GA

E45†† Franklin P. Mattox, b. 1853 Tattnell Co., GA

E46Julia T. Mattox, b. 1855 Tattnell Co., GA

E47†† Jane B. Mattox, b. 1857 Tattnell Co., GA

E48†† Joseph P. Mattox, b. 1859 Tattnell Co., GA

E49†† James P. Mattox, b. 1860 Tattnell Co., GA

E410Laura S. Mattox, b. 1865 Tattnell Co., GA


E5††††††† Hiram W. Mattox (same as DD8 above)-5a

b.†††††††† 1832 Tattnell Co., GA

m.††††††† 1847 Sarah J. Edwards, Liberty Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1891




E51†††††† Mary E. Mattox, b. 1848 GA

E52 ††††† Leonidas J. Mattox, b. 1850 GA

E53†††† Thomas J. Mattox, b. 1853 GA

E54†††† Sarah C. Mattox, b. 1855 GA

E55†††† Laura H. Mattox, b. 1857 GA

E56†††† Florence E. Mattox, b. 1859 GA

E57†††† William E. Mattox, b. 1860 GA


Generation 6


F††††††††† HAMILTON ALEXANDER MATTOX (same as E1 above)6

b.†††††††† 1834 Tattnall Co., GA

m.††††††† 1856 Sophronia H. Mar Mattox, Clinch Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1906 Clinch Co., GA




F1††††††† Julius S. Mattox, b. 1857 Clinch Co., GA, m. 1st Nancy M. Smith, m. 2nd Margaret Smith, d. 1898

F2††††††† Julia Mattox, b. 1859

F3††††††† Basil B. Mattox, b. 1862

F4††††††† McKenzie Mattox, b. 1864

F5††††††† John Homer Mattox, b. 1866

F6††††††† Hamilton L. Mattox, b. 1868

F7††††††† Linton Stephens Mattox, b. 1873

F8††††††† LEON ALEXANDER MATTOX, b. 1876 (see G below)


FF†††† †† George C. Mattox

b.††† †††† 1838 Tattnall Co., GA

m.††† ††† c. 1869 Susan V. Henry

d.†††† ††† 1914




FF1††† Kate D. Mattox, b. 1870 Columbia Co., FL

FF2††† Anna L. Mattox, b. 1871 Columbia Co., FL

FF3††† Eva C. Mattox, b. 1874 Columbia Co., FL

FF4††† Joseph E. Mattox, b. 1876 Columbia Co., FL

FF5††† Marvin H. Mattox, b. 1878 Columbia Co., FL

FF6††† James E. Mattox, b. 1880 Columbia Co., FL

FF7††† Child Mattox, b. 1882 Columbia Co., FL


FFF†††† Elijah H. Mattox (same as E6 above)

b.††† †††† 1847 Columbia Co., FL

m.†††† †† c. 1875 Esther

d.††††† †† 1915




FFF1 George Mattox b. 1876 FL

FFF2 Homer f. Mattox, b. 1878 FL


F4††† John Mattox (same as EE3 above)

b.††††††† 847 Holmes Co., FL

m.†††††† c. 1870 Cynthia Boutwell

d.††††††† 1917




F41†† Henry Mattox, b. 1871

F42†† Mary Mattox, b. 1873

F43†† William I. Mattox, b. 1877

F44†† George Mattox, b. 1879

F45†† Edward Mattox, b. 1887

F46†† Alonso J. Mattox, b. 1889

F47†† Nealy Mattox, b. 1890


F5 ††††††† Aaron Mattox (same as EE4 above)

b.†††††††† 1850 Holmes Co., FL

m.††††††† 1st c. 1869 Susanna Paul

d.†††††††† 1933 Holmes Co., FL




F51†††† Julia Mattox, b. 1870 Holmes Co., FL

F52†††††† Ellen Mattox, b. 1872 Holmes Co., FL

F53†††††† Henry Mattox, b. 1873 (see GG below)

F54 ††††† Texann Mattox, b. 1877 Holmes Co., FL

F55 ††††† Olivia Mattox, b. 1880 Holmes Co., FL


m.†††††† 2nd c. 1884 Julia Bears


F56†††† Monroe Kinsey Mattox, b. 1885 (see GGG below)

F57†† ††† Pearl Mattox, b. 1887 Holmes Co., FL

F58†† ††† Susan Mattox, b. 1889 Holmes Co., FL


Generation 7


G†††††††† LEON ALEXANDER MATTOX (same as F8 above)7

b.†††††††† 1876 Clinch Co., GA

m.††††††† 1909 Mary E. Booth, Clinch Co., GA

d.†††††††† 1941 Clinch Co., GA


GG††† Henry Mattox (same as F53 above)

b.††† †††† 1873 Holmes Co., FL

m.††† ††† c. 1896 Nellie





GG1††† Thomas P. Mattox, b. 1897

GG2††† Lillian Mattox, b. 1899


GGG Monroe Kinsey Mattox (same as F56 above)

b.†††††† 1885 Holmes Co., FL

m.††††† c. 1914 Lonie Hewett

d.†††††† 1968




GGG1 Obie Mattox, b. 1915

GGG2 Others still living




1Paternity Documentation Edward to John:Birth Register, St. Margaretís Protestant Episcopal Church, Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD

2Paternity Documentation John to Michael McKenzie:†† Will of John, Anne Arundel Co., MD, dated 3/17/1758 & recorded 7/26/1758.Also deed stating Michael M. Mattox was Administrator of estate of John Mattox, Tattnell Co., GA, Deed Bk. Y, Pg. 603

3Paternity Documentation Michael McKenzie to John:Will of Michael Jan. 18, 1815, Tattnall Co., GA Will Bk. pg. 190


4Paternity Documentation John to Sons:-No historical documentary proof-An Ann McKenzie married in SC to John Mattox who was b.1729Anne Arundel Co., MD.A Michael McKenzie Mattox is found in SC where he was b.c. 1750.He died in Tattnall Co., GA where a younger Michael Mckenzie (5a below) also lived.

5aPaternity Documentation Michael McKenzie to Hamilton:1850-1860 census Tattnall Co., GA

5bPaternity Documentation Elijah, Joseph, Hiram to Sons:1850-1860 census Tattnall Co., GA

5cPaternity Documentation Bethel to John & Aaron:1850-1860 census Holmes Co., FL


6Paternity Documentation Hamilton to Leon:1870 census Clinch Co., GA 


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