b. 1815


[DNA Kit N21299]


Although born in England, William spent most of his life in Scotland.

His brothers are speculated based on living in same location at the same time.



Generation 1



b.†††††††† c. 1790






A1†††††† Ambrose Mattocks, b. 1818 (see B below) d. aft. 1880 US (maybe Worcester Co., MA)

A2†††††† John Maddox, b.c. 1836 (see BB below)

A3†††††† WILLIAM MATTOCKS, b. 1815 (see BBB below)


Generation 2


B†††††††† Ambrose Mattocks (same as A1 above)

b.†††††††† 1818 SCOT

m.††††††† Margaret ____ (d. NYC, NY)

d.†††††††† Bef. 1851 SCOT




B1††††††† Andrew Mattocks, b. 1839 Ayrshire, SCOT

B2††††††† Richard Mattocks, b. 1841 Ayrshire, SCOT, lived New York City, NY

B3††††††† Gilbert Alexander Mattocks, b. c. 1843 SCOT, d. Prob. Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY

B4††††††† Thomas Mattocks, b. 1844 Ayrshire, SCOT

B5††††††† Elizabeth Mattocks, b. 1845 Ayrshire, SCOT

B6††††††† Agnes Mattocks, b. 1847 Ayrshire, SCOT

B7††††††† Willliam Mattocks, b. 1849 Ayrshire, SCOT, lived New York City, NY

B8††††††† Ambrose Mattocks, b. 1852 Ayrshire, SCOT, lived New York City, NY, d. 1922 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY



BB†††††† John Maddox (same as A2 above)

b.†††††††† c. 1815

m.††††††† Janet Peek





BB1†††† Samuel Maddox, b. 1838, m. 1866 Mary Vernon, Dalmellington Co., SCOT

BB2†††† Isabella Maddox, b. 1869 Dalmellington Co., SCOT


BBB.†† WILLIAM MATTOCKS (same as A3 above)2

b.†††††††† 1815 ENG

m.††††††† 1841 Jane/Jean Henderson, Cumbernauld, Dunbarton Co., SCOT

d.†††††††† Before 1861 Scotland




BBB1†† Andrew Mattocks, b. 1843


BBB3†† Jean Mattocks, b. 1847 Ayeshire, SCOT [per 1851 census]

BBB3†† William Mattocks, b. 1849 Ayeshire, [per 1851 census] or Renfrewshire Co., [per 1861 census] SCOT , d. 1869

BBB4†† Ebenezer Mattocks, b. 1841 Renfrewshire Co. [per 1851 census] or Glasgow, Lanark Co., [per 1861 census] SCOT

BBB5†† Margaret Mattocks, b. 1843 Glasgow, Lanark Co., SCOT

BBB6†† Christina Mattocks, b. 1859 Glasgow, Lanark, SCOT



Generation 3


C†††††††† JAMES HENDERSON MATTOCKS (same as BB2 above)3

b.†††††††† 1845 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire., SCOT

m.††††††† 1869 Mary Jane MacKenzie/McKenzie, Glasgow, Lanark Co., SCOT

d.†††††††† 1923 Hancock Co., ME




C1††††††† Isabella Bissett Mattocks, 1870, Lanark Co., SCOT

C1†††††† WILLIAM BISSETT MATTOCKS, b. 1872 (see C below)

C2†††††† Alexander McKenzie Mattocks, b. 1874 Dunbarton Co., SCOT

C3†††††† James Henderson Mattocks b. 1876 Dunbarton Co., SCOT

C4†††††† Ebenezer Bissett Mattocks, b. 1878 Dunbarton Co., SCOT, d. aft. 1920 Schenectady Co., NY

C4†††††† Henry Mattocks, b. 1880 Dunbarton Co., SCOT

C6†††††† Ambrose Mattocks, b. 1883 SCOT, d. NY

C7†††††† Genie/Jean Mattocks, b. 1885 SCOT

C8†††††† Mary Mattocks, b. 1887 Hancock Co., ME

C9†††††† Marion S. Mattocks, b. 1891 Hancock Co., ME


Generation 4


D†††††††† WILLIAM BISSETT MATTOCKS (same as B1 above)4

b.†††††††† 1872 Cumbernauld, Dunbarton Co, SCOT

m.††††††† Eugenie L. Simmons, Moore Co., NC

d.†††††††† 1965 Lee Co., NC




D1†††††† Ruth S. Mattocks, b. 1907 SC

D2†††††† GEORGE HENDERSON MATTOCKS, b. 1909 Cheraw Co., SC, d. 1987 South Pines, NC

D3†††††† Marion Jerri Mattocks, b. 1915 Moore Co., NC

D4†††††† William Bissett Mattocks, b. 1917 Moore Co., NC





1Paternity Documentation Unknown to William, John and Ambrose:Circumstantial only.Williamís son, James, had a son named Ambrose.Johnís son, Sam, married in Ayr Co., same Co. that Wm.ís son James was born.

2Paternity Documentation William to James Henderson:1851 census.1861 census Glasgow, Lanark Co., SCOT, with widowed Jane as head of household.Marriage license 17 Sept 1841, Cumbernauld, Cunbarton Co., SCOT.Also Jamesí middle name was Henderson, and Williamís wife was Jean/Jane Henderson.

3Paternity Documentation James Henderson to William:Birth certificate of William. 1881 census Cumbernauld, Dumbarton, SCOT.1900 census Hancock Co., ME, USA.