b.c. 1810


[DNA #N22014]


My great grandfather (D below) was a bare-knuckled prize fighter.  His son, my grandfather, worked with Alan Turing and the team that developed RADAR during WW I.  My great great grandfather  (C below) was a “peeler” or “bobby” (constable) in Liverpool, complete with regulation top hat; he was 6 ‘6” tall.



Generation 1



b.         c. 1810 St. Luke’s, London, ENG

m.        c. 1839 Mary ___, Maryleborne, London, ENG?

d.         1872 London, Middlesex Co., ENG




A1       JAMES ROBERT MADDOX, b. 1835 (see B below)

A2       Mary Ann Maddox, b.c. 1840 London, ENG

A3       Elizabeth Maddox, b.c. 1843 London, ENG, m. ____ Waters

A4       Amelia Maddox, b.c. 1846 London, ENG

A5       Robert H. Maddox, b.c. 1849 London, ENG


Generation 2


B         JAMES ROBERT MADDOX (same as A1 above)2

b.         1835 London, ENG

m.        1860 Emily Jane Hodgson, London, ENG

d.         1883 Pancras Dist, London, ENG




B1       JAMES ROBERT MADDOX, b. 1861 (see C below)

B2        Emily J. Maddox, b.c. 1863 Lobndon, ENG

B3        Robert Maddox, b.c. 1865 London, ENG

B4        George Maddox, b.c. 1867 London, ENG

B5        Henry J. Maddox, b.c. 1869 London, ENG


Generation 3


C         JAMES ROBERT MADDOX (same as B1 above)3

b.         1861 Strand Dist., London, ENG

m.        1883 Mary Ann Cary, Islington Dist., London, ENG





C1       James Robert Maddox, b. 1884 Holborn Dist, London, ENG

C2       Bertie William Maddox, b. 1886 Islington Dist., London, ENG

C3       Emily Agnes Maddox, b. 1886 Islington Dist, London, ENG

C4       Henry John Maddox, b. 1888 Holborn Dist, London, ENG

C5       WALTER THOMAS MADDOX, b. 1891 (see D below)

C6       Florence Maud Maddox, b. 1895 Islington Dist, London, ENG


Generation 4


D         WALTER THOMAS MADDOX (same as C5 above)4

b.         1891 Holborn Dist, London, ENG

m.        1911 Elizabeth M. Hale, Holborn Dist, London, ENG

d.         Aft. 1973 Yorkshire, Hertfordshire or London, ENG




D1       WALTER LAWRENCE MADDOX, b. 1911 Holborn Dist, London, ENG, m.c. 1933 Elizabeth Christie, Fulham, London, ENG, d. 1985 Hatfield, Hertfordshire, ENG

D2       Edward F. Maddox, b. 1913 Pancras Dist., London, ENG





1Paternity Documentation Robert to James Robert:  1841 and 1851 census of St. Pancras Parish,  Marylebone Borough, London, ENG.  Christening record 10 May 1835 St. Andrew Parish, Holborn, London, ENG

2Paternity Documentation James Robert to James Robert:  Birth record Strand District, June Quarter of 1861, Vol. 1b, pg. 482.  1871 census St. Pancras Civil Parish, London, ENG

3Paternity Documentation James Robert to Walter Thomas:  1901 census St. James & Clerkenwell Civil Parish, Central Finsburg 4, Parliamentary Borough, Holy Redeemer Ecclesiastical Parish, London Co., ENG.

4Paternity Documentation Walter Thomas to Walter Lawrence:  Birth registration, March Quarter 1912, Holborn Dist., Vol. 1b, pg. 1138





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